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VivaMK Key Information

How do you earn money as a Distributor and how much?

Working with catalogues or online, using Social Media or third party pages?

 View the income sheet, based on Personal Retail (Retail Profits) and what are the joining options?

Find out more about VivaMK.

Are you looking for a certain answer please use the "Search box" or head over to the Q&A  (Questions & Answers) Page.

Firstly with Viva Network you can earn extra income with the possibilty working from home, earning money by delivering and collecting catalogues in your local area, working online such as using Socia Media Sites or other third party sites or do all. You can also recommend your business to join you in this exciting venture and build a network of distributors and lead your Team to success.

VivaMK is the ultimate, thriving, trending new Home Shopping Opportunity, based and founded in the UK.

 You can build a business in your own time at your own speed, around family or day job.

VivaMK is a people business, in which you meet people, make new friends and grow as a person.

Our business stands for 

Growth - Spirit - Partnership and Fun - Great People - Success

 Enjoy living your life and make your dreams come true, because dreams can come true, make them happen.

I recommend to read all pages, the more you read, the more you will understand how our business works and how you can make money too.

Learn more about me and why you should join my business

When I registered with VivaMK back in June 2018 I knew this Start Up business was the right decision to join.

In that moment I had no idea that I had made it as the First ever Distributor to join VivaMK, it gave me goosebumbs! Thousands of other distributors have joined the busines since then. The business hast started to fly! And many people are already earning money with VivaMK!

Starting first with less than 70 products, but just 6 months later with a massive increase to  approx. 600 products the business is.......

Catalogue Retail AND Online Retail

We retail in 2 ways. How does it work?

Catalogue Retail: The catalogue site is simple and can be easily followed. I and our Team can show you how to build your own customer bases, in your local area, by simply delivering (posting the catalogues through the letterbox) and collecting our catalogues in your local area. You can browse our current catalogues here . The distributors can work in their own time, a territory is NOT given.

We have a proven catalogue retail system in place to ensure any new person who joins us can  have the same success as other distributors and build their own customer bases too. As soon you are ready to start you are being introduced to our system.

Our customers order from the catalogues by adding any products they wish to order on the provided order form, you earn on every order and you submit through the Distributor ordering site. You do not need to knock on doors or speak to people at the door or need any selling skills. The catalogues do the work for us! We just deliver, collect to receive orders. It can't be simplier.

It does take time to build a customer base. However, you can earn money from Day 1.

Online Retail: You don't need to be an expert or have any professional background to work online. You should have an high interest though to work online, using Social Media Sites or any third part selling sites if you wish to retail any products online. We have special online trainings and guidance available.

You will have  your own personalised web shop, digital catalogues and you will have access to all products descriptions, prices and pictures.

What do you need to have to work online? You need an internet device, such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop and internet access, wifi is recommended.

You earn money every time someone places an order, this can be from Day 1.

Both options are available to every distributor, you can work both methods or simply one method.


Team work makes the dream work. Learn and work with successful people who are long term experienced in Direct Selling UK Ireland
Family Time be your own boss

How do you earn money with VivaMK?

As an Independent Distributor  you will be a partner with VivaMK. You earn money on every product sold, by product recommedations to others, working Online (Social Media or Third Party selling sites) or by sharing / delivering and collecting our catalogues in your local area / community.

You earn instantly 25% commission on every product sold (retail profits) and you can increase this by up to another 10% bonus, based on your 4 weeks business turnover. 

Additional money bonuses can be achieved when becoming a Team Builder. Support and help is given throughout your journey in VivaMK. Experience is NOT needed. 

VivaMK is a Network Marketing company which allows you to partner up with others and showing those how to make money with VivaMK, in retail and maybe Team Building. You can decide how to work your business and work flexible hours. 

What can you earn with VivaMK?


Income Chart based on personal retail.

There is no minimum or maximum value of orders, value of orders can be larger than £4000 / ,€4640. Earn as much as you desire. 

How much can you earn with VivaMK Network Chart
Team Buiding at VivaMK

Gain more confidence and new learning skills with Team Building

Additional bounses can be achieved by  Business Building (also called Team  Building, coaching others how to make money by delivering and collecting cataogues  locally and retailing online.

Do you have a question about Team Building?

View any answers on Questions & Answers Site 

For further questions click on the Mobile Telephone number 07789561645  (UK) and we can have chat and answer any questions you may have.

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Product Catalogue Growth 

The diagram below shows the growth from the month Viva MK has launched. VivaMK will operate 1 year on 25th June 2019.

The first VivaMK catalogue was launched in June 2018 and offered 67 products to its customers. Since the launch of the VivaMK business we have now over 700 products (stand February 2021), with  any orders received from the Distributor Ordering  Site and Online Webshop  being packed and dispatched from their own warehouse, which is based in the UK .

The catalogues can be browsed on the catalogue page.  Click the button to get directed immediately.

VivaMK Product Catalogue Growth

How to make money with our VivaMK Catalogues and range of products

I explain in this YouTube video how it can be done to achieve a Top Level in Personal Retail in VivaMK. Anyone can make it happen.

If you want to join us simply leave your contact details on this page or do this HERE 

Retail is King, and will always be King, because that's how we make the most and fastest way to make money. A business only works when products are being moved to its end customers.

I am one of the Top 10 Retailers 2020 and the Top Sponsor of VivaMK in 2019 + 2020 and 2021, who has helped the most people in 2019 + 2020 + 2021 making money with VivaMK, whether they have worked online or with our catalogues. Find out more about our Front Row No1 StarsTeam here .

Get in touch with me today by email or phone and I can help you getting started within 2 minutes and you can earn money with VivaMK in your first hour of joining.

The Benefits & an Income Chart 

Team Work Information

You will receive 1:1 support, and training to help you understanding our business and learning in a very simple way how to work online or with our catalogues. We have induction videos available to help you off to a great start with VivaMK and weekly online sessions available, which are social and offering guidance to build and maintain your business.

Information Details about VivaMK

Register your interest in the form below


Career Information

Start a new career and become a Team Member of the Front Row Team, the Team of the first ever Distributor of VivaMK.

You will be your own boss and you can build your business from home. You can even become a Team Leader, this is optional. Anyone can climb up the career ladder in VivaMK.

The opportunity is open to anyone living in the UK and Ireland, 18 years of age or older.

The opportunity can fit students, stay at home parents , retired people and couples and those who are looking for a flexible part time income aound job or family.

Your choices, your believes, your vision, your future, your chance, we will be there to help and support you every step of the way achieving fast success. 

Personal Development Information

Learn how to run your own buisness, working from home.

Goals setting and planning your business.

Gain experiences which are not being taught at school.

You will learn new skills and gain more confidence too.

Registration Information

To join VivaMK you need to register with the company to become part of the VivaMK Network.

Starter Kits are as follows:

£5 / €6 (Online Starter), £25 / €30 (Standard Starter) or £45 / €54 (Executive Starter).

You will receive with your start up package 5 / 100 / 200 catalogues of every catalogue available,  5 / 100 / 200 snap bags and 10 / 200 / 400 order forms.

The Online Starter Kit does not include any catalogues!

14 Days Money Back Guarantee applies.

You can choose after 12 months of being active in VivaMK an anniversary gift:

  • A showcase ticket for 2 people to the next available VivaMK showcase
  • 100 / 200 of every available catalogue , send free of charge
  • Your sign up fee in full
  • As a member sof the Front Row Team you can qualify for Team incentives an a Website too



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VivaMK Live Online Introduction

The Team

Team work is everything.

Support and guidance is second to none in our business. We are VivaMK, the People's Business.

Team Business support and help VivaMK
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