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A chronicle of Achievements 

A journey through my business success

Welcome to my professional journey. Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to mastering the nuances of network marketing, and my career with VivaMK Network stands as a testament to this commitment. 

My Business Track Record:

  • 2018 - First registered VivaMK Partner. Starting my journey with VivaMK, I embarked on what would become a transformative career in Network Marketing.

  • 2019 - First place Outstanding Sponsoring Award. Recognised for my ability to inspire and recruit, I began to make my mark within the network.

  • 2020 - First place Outstanding Sponsoring Award. My continued effort to grow our community was recognised once again, solidifying my reputation as a leader.

  • 2021 - A Year of Multiple Achievements:

    • First place Outstanding Sponsoring Award
    • First place Rising Star Sponsor
    • Second Place New Business Sales Award. My strategies and hard work culminated in a year filled with accolades, showcasing my leadership and sales prowess.

  • 2022 - Second Place New Business Sales Award. Maintaining a consistent performance, I continued to excel in driving new business sales, contributing significantly to our network's growth.

  • 2023 - A Landmark Year:

    • First Place Rising Star Sponsor Award
    • First Place New Business Sales Award
    • Partner of the Year 2023. My belief in my abilities, my commitment to sharing knowledge and empowering and supporting new partners, creating systems and unique our unique training portal led to receiving the highest honours in VivaMK.

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My Philosophy

Believing in myself and my abilities has been the cornerstone of my career. Each success has made me more confident and assertive. As a Bronze Premier achiever in 2023, my focus has always been on growth—both personal and for the entire Front Row community. I have not only implemented effective strategies into my VivaMK business but have also made it a point to share these lessons with our team and new partners.

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Looking Forward

The journey doesn't end here. With each year, I continue to learn, adapt, and share. My aim is not only to achieve personal success but to enable those around me to realise their potential. Join me in this journey, and let's make success our collective goal. Do you want to learn more about me? Visit my About Me page.

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Are you ready to embark on a path to success? Whether you’re seeking personal growth or the opportunity to achieve professional accolades like mine, our Front Row Team offers a platform where ambitions are nurtured. Contact me today to discuss how you can become part of our thriving community and start your journey toward achieving the same—or even greater—success. Let's build a bright future together.

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