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"A very special future with VivaMK"

I stumbled into network marketing 16 years ago, when I found a card on my car offering an extra £500 – £2000 in my spare time. I thought it was too good to be true but applied out of nosiness.

When I realised it was for Kleeneze, I threw it in the bin.  But something had piqued my interest so I retrieved it and started reading the info. I had a lightbulb moment and became very excited at the prospect of earning such a flexible income around my full-time job as a Fisheries Scientist. I earned £218 in my first month by dropping catalogues at the weekend and picking them up mid-week. I realised very quickly that the process was so simple, I could easily share this opportunity and teach others to do exactly what I was doing. It wasn’t rocket science.

I started introducing others and slowly started building my own team. We didn’t have the online capabilities back then, so it was a much slower operation and more work intensive compared to today, but over the next 8 years I worked every spare minute I had to be able to sack the boss and become a full time networker.  I had replaced my full-time income but working the hours I wanted to. Joining this fantastic industry was the best decision I ever made. The friendships and the memories shall always be treasured. 

When we lost Kleeneze in April last year, the one thing I knew I couldn’t do, was go back to being employed. The flexibility that this business gives you is unbeatable. I considered setting up my own dog walking business but I realised I would be much more restricted with the responsibility of such a business.

When we were told that VivaMK was launching, I felt like I was getting my life back. This incredible new venture has all the heart and soul of our old business but is fresh, vibrant and bursting with potential. We are incredibly excited at the future we have with VivaMK.

We joined as Pioneers, within the first 24 hours of launching and are delighted to be back offering our customers a diverse range of products and picking up those relationships we missed so terribly during our few months downtime.  We have a fantastic new team, many are old friends but we are enjoying introducing new people to our organisation and helping them earn an extra income in their spare time. 

We are incredibly proud of our success so far with this fledgling enterprise. We have personally sold over £10,000, whilst our fantastic team have turned over £57,000 since August. This is only the beginning of a tremendous partnership and we anticipate a very special future with VivaMK. 

Sharon D.

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