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About Me

About Me Ivonne Meisel VivaMK Distributor and Leader

My name is Ivonne Meisel, Bronze Premier in VivaMK and I am an experienced Online / Offline Catalogue Retailer and Networker and working in this industry for over 10 years.

I am a Retail Sales and Team Leader, an Advocate, VivaMK Health Ambassador, Bronze Premier and was the first person to join VivaMK Network in 2018, I am also known as the "No1VivaQueen" and since the start I was recognised  with several awards from VivaMK Network.

The "Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2019" , the "Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2020",the "Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2021"and the "Rising Star Sponsor 2021 Award". See my full Business Success Track Records here.

I am working my business with passion, helping and coaching our Team Members to success, get them started as soon as they join.

Because I was helping and of course help any new people I was also awarded with the annual Rising Star Sponsor Award 2021 and 2023.

I show my Team how to engage with customers and show them a simple way to understand how our business works, how we, the Distributors can earn an income with VivaMK. Read here what our VivaMK MD Michael Khatkar and my Business Coach say about me.

I launched our Front Row Mastermind Academy in 2023, which is a training programme, to help our team members to achieve goals, get more confidence, overcome challenges and more. 

I run once a week online training sessions with the Team, in which we do coaching, answering questions and having lots of fun working together. I also offer 1:1 support and available to speak on Social Media, phone, email etc. More tools, such as videos, work sheets, etc are available too to help YOU making a great start right from the beginning. 

I have written various workbooks and programmes.

  • The Workbook 
  • The VivaMK Success Proficiency Program
  • The 30-Day Programme - Increase your Online sales & Online Presence
  • The 90-Day Programme - Level up and achieve Momentum
  • 8 Weeks to Mastery, a workbook and programme at the some time
  • Building Blocks
  • The Viva Core Ranks
  • Leading with Impact

All these programmes can be accessed only in our Front Row Team. They are helping our members to growth and achieving success with their VivaMK business.

"Embrace success with the Front Row Team attitude at VivaMK. Own your journey, make every step count."

From to time I am also offering Open Webinars to our network, as well as to the public. 

VivaMK Partner of the Year Ivonne Meisel
VivaMK Rising Sponsor 2021 Ivonne Meisel

One of my first questions to you would be,

"What are your goals with VivaMK? What would you like to achieve? What help do you require?" We then get started helping YOU to achieve quick success.

Send me a WhatsApp message, if you have a question.

Click on "WhatsApp Us"

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About Me VivaMK Award Winner ivonne Meisel
Ivonne Meisel VivaMK Health Ambassador

My journey with VivaMK so far

When I registered with VivaMK in June 2018 I knew this Start Up business was the right decision to join.

At that moment I had no idea that I had made it as the First ever Distributor to join VivaMK, it gave me goosebumbs! Thousands of other distributors have joined the busines since then. The business started to fly!

Many people are already earning money with VivaMK!

Starting first with less than 70 products, but just 6 months later with a massive increase to  approx. 600 products the business is now offering a growing range. The rapid growth of the business gave me an even bigger belief, the expansion of the business has started and it keeps growing daily. Exciting times are laying ahead for all of us. We are offering more than 1000 products (stand 2022), which include more than 100 VivaMK branded products which are dispatched from our own warehouse.

Back in June 2018 I could quickly engage with my new VivaMK business, being a  partner of VivaMK Network and providing my customers ( many from my previous business) with a good range of quality products.

With winning the annual HQ Awards for 2019, 2020 and 2021 has given me more belief in myself and the thrive to help even more people achieving success

Speaking publicly at several VivaMK Meetings and HQ events given me goosebumps, but I am proud that I have been asked. 

I can show you a simple way of how to maximise your potential and build a succesful online or offline business or even become a great Networker / Leader.

Maybe read the testimonials and reviews by some of our Front Row Team Members on this website, or check out the VivaMK facts, simply that you understand what our VivaMK Business can offer you and how it can help you too. 

Testimonials and Reviews

About Me Page The Team
Ivonne Meisel Winner 2022 Top Sponsor  Award
Ivonne Meisel Speaker VivaMK Showcase 2022

In Feburary 2020 I have been recognised as an VivaMK Network Advocate, helping and working at the forefront of the business and was also awarded with "The Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2019".

In January 2021 I was awarded with "The Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2020", as I yet helped many new distributors earning money and I was recognised in September 2021 yet again with the "Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2021"

Why did I receive the Outstanding Sponsoring award?

 I helped many people to get started in our business and helped and supported those earning an (extra) income right from the start.

To the Registration form.

In 2023 I launched our Mastermind Academy programme of the Front Row Team and wrote the Front Row Workbook, the 30-Day Programme that helps with "Boosting the Online Orders and the Online Presence" and the 90-Day Programme, that helps you to bring you up to another level of your VivaMK business. All Programmes come with huge support and guidance.  But there is more to come. I have only started. 

About Me The Future

Seeing the potential and having the belief in the business and people I work with I am even more driven to help those who are joining us in this opportunity, guiding and mentoring those to success, online, offline (catalogue retail) or both and how to Team build if they wish to, whether they are joining for an extra income, want to join us to supplement their existing work income or start a new career working from home.

2023 has been also the year where I received the promotion to Bronze Premier.

The business has been thriving throughout the year, we as a Team reached a volume over £100k woth of customer orders, which means, many of the team earned a great part time income or full time income, as well as reached new levels on the Marketing Plan.

In 2024, we are also aiming for growth. More programmes, more support, and a focus on valuable leadership to  support our members.

About Me - helping you to believe in yourself

Feedback by Professionals 

I have worked and built my business with passion since the launch in 2018. So I have asked myself, what does our Managing Director and my Business Coach would say about me. Here is some feedback. 

"Ivonne Meisel has the moniker of 'No.1' in our organisation, as Ivonne was the first person to join the VivaMK Network within seconds of the business going live.

From that day onwards, Ivonne has played a key part in our progress and particularly in promoting the brand.

In respect of sales & sponsoring people, Ivonne has also been leading the way. It's great to work with self-motivated partners in business, who are passionate about the brand and lead by example."

Michael Khatkar

Managing Director

"I have known Ivonne for over 10 years both as a friend and in a professional capacity as her business advisor and Coach.

I have always been very impressed by her fantastic enthusiasm for her VivaMk Business and her Team Building commitment!

She commits 110% to both encouraging and providing ongoing coaching to all her team members. Her IT and Web design skills are brilliant and I believe a credit to VivaMK. Her Customer Service is also outstanding and she has a very loyal customer base with proven repeat sales.

Ivonne has carried on supporting her ever-growing team. I wish her every success in the future as I know she is building a great business which forms the backbone of the VivaMK concept."

Chris Owers, Business Coach.

Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2019
Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2019
We are one team. Working and supporting each other to achieve success in VivaMK
Our Team
Our Team
We are working in part of a large Team. Team effort is everrything and which makes us succssful.
Receiving the Certificate
Receiving the Certificate
Recognised by HQ on stage at the VivaMK Showcase in Birmingham
Ivonne Meisel with MD and Owner of VivaMK Michael Khatkar
Ivonne Meisel with MD and Owner of VivaMK Michael Khatkar
Receiving a certificate and bottle of champagne as the first person to have joined VivaMK
Friends and Colleagues
Friends and Colleagues
Making new friends in the business.
VivaMK Award 2019
VivaMK Award 2019
Award Winner Ivonne Meisel
Outstaning Sponsoring Award 2020
Outstaning Sponsoring Award 2020
Winner of the Outstanding Sponsoring Award 2020
Partner of the Year Ivonne Meisel
Partner of the Year Ivonne Meisel
The HQ Award Partner of the Year awarded to Ivonne Meisel for Leadership, Innovation and creating the Training Portal "The Mastermind Academy"

Join Me and the Team

If you would like to join me and our Front Row Team, want to become part of our growing business VivaMK Network, achieve great success, learn new skills and become the best version of yourself, you can simply do this by clicking on the button below. 

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Success finds you with the right support VivaMK Ivonne Meisel Distributor Leader

Contact the very 1st VivaMK Pioneer Founding Member,  Advocate and Premier Ivonne Meisel

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Learn more about our Team

What does  Team work mean for us? How do we work? What are we doing differently from others?

What can you expect when you join us, our Team? Why choose our Team within the VivaMK Network? 

Click on the picture to learn more. 

Team VivaMK After Party 2020

Learn more about the Front Row Team and Team's Success

Being the Front Row Leader I always try to lead by example. As they say 'leading from the front', I am trying to be the best example how to retail and how to build the business.

I personal retail a huge amount in a 4 weeks period and I the highest seller in the team but YOU could beat me to it! I help new people to get successfully started in our business,  and reward our Team members from the front.

Any of our Front Row members gets exclusive access to our Support Website, that's full of hints, tips, news, incentives and training as well as everyone gets exclusive access to our Team's catalogue website.

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The Front Row Team

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Get in touch with me and ask me anything about our Team, the support, the catalogues, etc. Please use the form above. 

About Me I didn't come this to come only this far VivaMK
First VivaMK Distributor Congratulations Card
About Me Pioneer Ivonne Meisel at VivaMK