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The Team

Teamwork - What is Teamwork?

What does our Team "Front Row Team" stand for?

Front Row: Be in the front row, play a huge part and working with people who were in the business right from the start. Gain and receive the best training and knowledge about Catalogue retaling, Social Online Retailing and Team Building.

Watch every week a new Team video here.

You will be a valued Team member of the first person who has joined VivaMK (Ivonne Meisel) and who has brought a lot of Stars into the business, all those Stars  achieved success and goals, earned money, learned new skills and believed more in themselves.   

As part of our Team any team member is welcome, appreciated and we are looking forward working with any team member at their own speed.

Front Row Team is the team of the No.1 in the business and where the people stand in the front row, who will be trained and lead right from the front and lead by example.

What are we doing differently than others?

This industry can be lonely and tough, but we are differnt from others

In joining us  though you can achieve things you maybe have never achieved before.

So what are we doing differently ? The answer is simple. We work with people who join us. This can be in a Team meeting or on a 1:1 basis. You can also expect team incentives from time to time, which are only happening in our Front Row Team.

We are also running the Front Row Mastermind Academy within the network, where only our members can attend.

Can the success be guaranteed? I could say yes or no. This all depends on YOU, your work ethic, your goals, your reason WHY how YOU work and treat your VivaMK Network Business right from the start. The success won't come overnight, nor in a fortnight, but the first steps of success can be achieved within matter of days. When you work your business, you are persisitent, consistent and reliable then you will achieve SUCCESS!!!

We help you, if you want us too. We do Team work and we enjoy helping others to achieve their goals. In short GET EXCITED with us.

Be a winner Team VivaMK
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The Team wants you

Want to get in touch? You have a question? Use the form below and 

Imagine Believe Achieve with the team

What can you expect after joining our Front Row Team in VivaMK Network?

As soon you registered as a VivaMK Distributor we arrange over the phone a getting started induction session. During that session you will learn and understand the importance of our business, from how to build your own customer bases to how to provide good customer service.

You can expect:

  • Weekly Online training sessions
  • Access to video tutorials and other training videos
  • Access to our Front Row Team Websites
  • Get your own Workbook
  • The VivaMK Front Row Success Proficiency Program
  • Suceed with our 30-Day and 90-Day Programmes
  • 8 Weeks to Mastery Workbook Program
  • 30 makes 45
  • The Viva Core Ranks systems
  • Helping you to build your own Team (this is optional)
  • Exclusive access to our Front Row Websites
  • 1:1 support
  • A training Programme, through our Mastermind Academy
  • Guidance how to distribute our products in Ireland & UK
  • Local opportunity meetings whether this can be arranged in someones house or at a public place
  • Workshops and working closely within the Team
  • Learn new skills and leadership
  • Work with leaders within the VivaMK Network

Click HERE to join our Team, the Front Row team today.

We keep everything simple.

Front Row Team UK and Ireland
Learn and Lead Team

Why joining our Team? 

Highest VivaMK Team Builder Recruiter Sponsoring Award
The VivaMK Team

You will be working with a fast growing Team, the first VivaMK Network Advocate and Premier.

Communictaion and Support is everything in our business. We are a People's Business and we love working with anyone who want to achieve more in life or their business, whether it is just for Retailing or Team Building.

Here are some of the benefits of joining the Front Row Team:

  • Access to exclusive training and resources
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring
  • Support from a team of successful distributors
  • A proven system for success
  • A positive and encouraging environment
  • We provide ongoing support and guidance to help you succeed
  • Receive your own workbook
  • Join in to our 30 and our 90-Day Programmes
  • Work the 8 Weeks to Mastery Workbook Program at your own pace
  • We are a fun and supportive team to work with

You only need to make the next step and join us by clicking on the button link below and folllow the instructions.

You can be an active distributor and set up in 2 minutes.

Create you future with VivaMK Network

The tools and Programmes that will help you 

Make your VivaMK business a success

Whether you want to work on your goals, skills or boosting your Online Sales with VivaMK. We have the programmes that will help you to achieve what you want to achieve.

Of course, determination is a must, but with our Step-by-step guides anything is possible.

Our team offers different programmes at various levels because we understand that everyone starts their business with different skills. Some may already know how to sell online, while others may want to learn more about it. Additionally, some team members may excel at retailing with catalogues and building a loyal customer base. To support all our members, we provide a range of programmes tailored to benefit everyone.

I always wanted to write my own programmes and my own workbook, that are based on achieving success in VivaMK Network, goal setting and put everything into the programmes how I achieved success building my business in VivaMK Network. I just never knew, where to begin, if I should really do it, but then I came to a point in 2023, "just do it now Ivonne". So I sat down and wrote first our very own Front Row workbook, then the 90-Day Programme and our exclusive 30-Day Programme.

I can honestly say, I am proud of myself now. And so happy sharing these with the team, so they can achieve great success too, focus on their goals, understand what kind of action need to be taken.

I was also honored with the Partner of the Year HQ award and other awards which reflect the success of our team members and what is possible to achieve. 

The Front Row Workbook

The Front Row Workbook

In the beginning of 2023 I wrote the first Front Row Workbook, that all of our Front Row members can use.

The book is focuing on all your goals, vision, mindset to improve any skills and become a better version of yourelf.

This book is perfect for any new starter of our Team.

Review by VivaMK MD Michael Khatkar about the Front Row Workbook written by Ivonne Meisel

The Front Row 90-Day Programme

The Front Row 90-Day Programme

The 90-Day Programme was written in Spring 2023 and focuses on your progress in running your VivaMK business.

You will learn how to use your mindset and how to level up by working through the programme. A commitment would be required without giving up.

VivaMK MD Michael Khatkar Review about the 90-Day Programme from Ivonne Meisel Front Row Leader

The 90-Day Programme was rewritten, simplified and focussing on your success (our team members success) with VivaMK in February 2024. 

VivaMK Review 90 Day Programme Ivonne Meisel

The Front Row '30-Day' and '30 makes 45' Programmes

The VivaMK Front Row 30-Day Programme to boost your online sales and online presence

The '30- Day Programme' was witten in the summer of 2023.

The title says it all, "Boost your Online Sales and Online Presence in 30 Days". 

This programme can be used by any Online Distributor of the Front Line Team or want to learn the skills of using the world wide web, especially Social Media.

The programme is also great for any new starters, commitment would be required to move forward and increase the Online Sales and Online Presence.

Review by VivaMK MD Michael Kharkar about the 30-Day Programme by Ivonne Meisel

The '30 makes 45' Programme is a simplyfied programme for selling online and achieving a better online presence.

The VivaMK '30 makes 45' Programme Review Michael Khatkar, creator Ivonne Meisel

The VivaMK Success Proficiency Program

This Success Proficiency Program was written in October '23.

This program is all about SUCCESS and moving up from one Band to another Band.

There are three Bands in this Program, perfect for our New Starters and any of our current and established Team Members. This program, like all the other programs, is exclusively for our Front Row members.

Every Band focuses on various skills and strengths.

Support and guidance are given throughout


The VivaMK Success Proficiency Program

8 Weeks to Mastery

VivaMK Front Row 8 weeks to Mastery workbook program

Read the review about our "8 Weeks to Mastery" program by the VivaMK MD Michael Khatkar.

Let me introduce you to our "8 Weeks to Mastery"

The Intensive Mastermind Program that helps our VivaMK Front Row Partner lead to success and to grow their business in just 8 weeks.

The Programme has 8 modules with various learning topics.

Personally, I am very proud of this workbook program as I know it will help many of our team members to hit their goals and bting their business to another level.

VivaMK review Mchael Khatkar 8 weeks Mastery program

These programmes and workbook are just the beginning. There is more to come and our Front Row members can expect more tools to help them to achieve their goals. 

Any member of our Front Row Team, who uses any of our  programmes can expect great support. Get started today and complete your registration form in less then 2 minutes.

The Viva Core Ranks Programme

We have the programmes that can help any member of the Front Row Team to achieve remarkable progress and success in the business.

The Viva Core Ranks is the first stepping tool to help any new members to get to Viva Star and Viva 500 in a single period and therefore winning the deserved incentive prizes.

The prizes: A Free Retail Kit, VivaMK Vouchers, Cash Rewards and a 2-Night Luxury Hotel Stay.

The Viva Core Ranks of the Front Row Team
The VivaMK Front Row New Starters Incentive

Are you in? Yes? Enroll yourself now on the FREE starter kit and receive full details about the incentive, other Team incentives, Programmes, Workbook, our Mastermind Academy and more by email.

You will be also working with the first VivaMK Partner of VivaMK, Bronze Premier - Ivonne Meisel and other successful leaders of the Front Row Team.

Team Videos

The team as ONE and a family feeling

Right here you can watch exclusive and special videos, made with our Team Members. We are supporting and helping each other, acting as ONE and get that family / friends feeling.

Watch every week a new video right on this page. This week I will be sharing with "What is VivaMK Network" . Save this  website to your device and see what video will be shared next week.

About Me - helping you to believe in yourself
Create you future with VivaMK Network
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