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The VivaMK catalogues are the main tools & they are helping the VivaMK Distributors to earn money in a simple way.

Nine catalogues, every VivaMK catalogue has got its own product range.

 Children's Gifts - Believe in you - Petals & Paws

Personalised  Gifts - HouseProud - Living Spaces & Little Faces

Affordable Stylish Bedding - Self Care - EcoFriendly

More catalogues are due to be launched soon. Exciting times.

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Do you like the catalogue range? 

Why are catalogues the main tools for the Distributors?

Do people still order from catalogues?

Our customers can order online or from or wide range of catalogues they receive from their local distributor. Please click HERE and see how it works.

 Customers can browse the catalogues in the comfort of their own home, delivered by a local Distributor.

VivaMK puts Quality over quantity.

Earn 25% Retail Commission Profits with the VivaMK Products / Catalogues and start making an extra income from Day 1.

Increase your 25% retail profits with up to an additional 10% Bonus, paid every 4 weeks.

VivaMK Catalogues
VivaMK Distributors work with catalogues or retail products online
VivaMK Orders from the catalogues

How much can you earn? Click Here if you want to see a Retail Chart based on what you can earn on your own retail turnover. 

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VivaMK Network pays 13 Bonuses annually to their distributors, which means every 4 weeks the Distributors can achieve up to 10% Bonus on Top of their 25% retail comission. 

If you decide to join us, you will work as a self employed VivaMK Distributor, be part of a growing, supporting and encouraging Team and helping you achieving your goals.

You choose the hours, work the opportunity so it suits you, your family or around your current job / university. 

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VivaMK Catalogue Business Working Building Together

The VivaMK Catalogues explained

All catalogues are explained below. What kind of products can be found in the catalogue? What makes that catalogue so special? How can you shop from the catalogue?

VivaMK Health: Our Health Catalogue is all about YOU and your life. Whether you want ot loose weight, a healthy lifestyle, a better sleep, better concentration,  detox your body  or more energy, then you will find the right products for you in this catalogue.

Children's Gifts: This catalogues offers products fromt the age of 0 up to teenager years. You can find drawstring bags, personalised pencils, art marterials, science to developmental toys to help your child to learn new skills, fine motor and their imagination. Shop direct from the catalogue.

Personalised Gifts: VivaMK offers personalised products with this unique catalogue. Whether you are looking for a gift to someone special, a wedding gift or for any other special occasion. All the products will be unique to you, with your own personal message or message. Having our own personalised department, any orders can be processed directly in the warehouse and dispatched on the same day. Shop direct from the catalogue.

HouseProud: A catalogue that features the most popular and most wanted cleaning / household products to use for around the house. Products that can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, in your laundry or your garden. Shop direct fromt the catalogue.

You & Yours: 'You & Yours' is a catalogue that offers beautiful home decor, bedding, gift ideas and so  much more. As soon as you open the catalogue whether it is the online version or a paper version, you will like the mix of products.

Beauty: The perfect catalogue for finding vegan friendly make up or nail varnishes. The 'Beauty' range also offers health care, skin care and men skin care products. The Beauty does also feature a wide range of health, skincare and wellness products.

Click this button to browse all our catalogues. 

NEWS The VivaMK Health range is expanding

VivaMK Health Catalogue will feature our Health Replacement Shakes

Stay tuned for the brand-new products in our VivaMK Health range. 

VivaMK's new adventure that will begin with a range called:
'Believe in YOU' 

These meal replacement shakes are Vegan Friendly and specially formulated & created for VivaMK Health, with added vitamins & minerals, low sugar & Lactobacillus acidophilus (a Probiotic for maintaining intestinal health).

'Love life, feel good, lose weight'



Catalogue will be launched soon.

Thousands of VivaMK Personalised Gifts catalogues

What comes next? More great, innovative and trending products were launched last Friday.  Our new Personalised Gifts catalogue, where all products are personalised direct in the warehouse and dispatched with a normal order. The market for personalised gifts is expected to reach over £1bn over the next 12 months in the UK alone.

VivaMK has their own Personalised Department and will play a massive roll of the growth.

Upcoming products include: Gifts for any occasion, such as eco-friendly VivaMK products, wedding gifts, stationary, home decor and more

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VivaMK Nework is offering a great range of catalogues:

VivaMK is also offering a "VivaMK Sale" and "Clearance Sale" products now, with up to 50% off the original Catalogue price. 

VivaMK Catalogue Clearance Sale
VivaMK Catalogue Online Distributor
VivaMK the people's busines.
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Eco- and Vegan Friendly VivaMK branded products

Did you know that VivaMK has got their own range, which is  Eco- and Vegan friendly?

These products are a variety of Anti- Bacterial, Surface Cleaning (Covid-19 protection), Household cleaners and Home Living (Soy Candles and Wax melts). More products are due to be planned in the future. 

VivaMK cares about our environment and is offering these kind of unique products.

VivaMK Planet Eco Vegan branded products Worksocialmedia VivaMK Catalogue

Some Feedback from active VivaMK Distributors who are working the business with out catalogues or online.

The story so far: The business started in June 2018, with the first catalogue launch of only 67 products in July 2018. Two years on, we are now offering our customers an even larger range with  over 600 products, including famous and well known brands and eco- and vegan friendly products. The number of products are growing monthly.

'I have sold 3 felt sacks in the last 15 mins plus 2 puppy and one of the other Christmas duvet'' Denise C.


'"Looks fab guys so excited'' Ciara R.

"Oh wow I cannot wait to start selling these'' Michelle H.

Brand-NEW Customer & Distributor Product Reviews have been added to the Worksocialmedia Website. Click on "Products Videos" shown below and read the latest feedback customers and VivaMK Distributors provided. 

You can also watch short Product Videos and see how they work.

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LATEST NEWS Kleeneze branded household products, including the famout Spider Free, The Ultimate Stain Remover and Remove & Refrsh Carpet Upholstery Cleaner are exlusive to VivaMK! 😍 🎉

EXCITING  months are ahead of us, launching even more catalogues in the near future.🤩

We are offering a wide range and innovative Products, the numbers of products are increasing monthly. 

Keep coming back to this page, it will be regular updated with new catalogues and other News.

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VivaMK News Page

The first VivaMK HouseProud catalogue
The first VivaMK HouseProud catalogue
Thousands of HouseProud catalogues featuring household and cleaning products
Products from the catalogues in the VivaMK warehouse
Products from the catalogues in the VivaMK warehouse
Products are being picked and packed in the warehouse and dispacthed to the distributors or customers
Order Forms for the VivaMK catalogues
Order Forms for the VivaMK catalogues
Order forms are coming with the starter pack, including catalogues
VivaMK catalogues packed into the distributor orders
VivaMK catalogues packed into the distributor orders
The warehouse of VivaMK, where all orders are picked, packed and dispatched directly to the Distributor or Customer
Some popular products from our range of VivaMK catalogues
Some popular products from our range of VivaMK catalogues
Some popular products are being packed and then dispatched directly to the distributors or customers.
VivaMK Online Shop Ishopeze

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic

VivaMK  catalogue business is open as usual during the Corronavirus pandemic

Frequent questions:


Can I still deliver and collect catalogues? Yes, you  can.  We  have a great training available, following all governemt guidelines. We are offering Essential and Covid-19 products too.

Can I still deliver any orders for my customers personally?     Yes, you can. Government guidelines must be followed

How do we keep Social Distancing in place? There is no need getting in close contact with the customers. Delivering the catalogues can be done in a simple way using Social Distancing and delivering customers orders using "Safe place customer distributor instructions". Training is provided.  

Is the warehouse open? Yes, the warehouse operates as usual. There is no delay in receiving the products from the courier (DPD / Yodel)  

Are there any rules when delivering the catalogues? The main rule is keeping Social Distance, protect yourself and others, following all governmet guidelines. A training is provided. 

Is there any protection gear I can use? VivaMK offers Hand Sanitiser (WHO approved and 80% alcohol), VivaMK branded Vicucidal, washable and disposal face masks (triple layer) which can be purchased on the distributor site. 

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VivaMK Network Oak Tree Partnership and Believe inside each catalogue