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VivaMK Questions & Answers

A summary of the most frequent questions asked about VivaMK Network.

50 Questions and 50 Answers, from how it  works, support, products and catalogues, registration, Starter Kits and much more. 

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Frequenlty questions answered about VivaMK Network

1. What is VivaMK and what does the company do? "VivaMK is a British company that enables and helps people to make an income part time, full time or in their spare time. The company is a Direct Sales company (Home Shopping) sells a wide range of products  through their registered distributors. The people who have registered with VivaMK are called 'Independent Distributors" which  are distributing catalogues in their local area or retailing online"

2How do I earn money?  "You earn money by selling / recommending any VivaMK products. This can be achieved by distributing the catalogues to households in your local area. You can also hand these to friends, family  and work mates or simply by working online. You earn money on every order you submit through the Distributor Ordering Site. This money is your Personal Retail Profit earnings. In short, on every order submitted you get an immediate 25% retail commission and you can increase these commissions up to a total of 35%! That can be a 10% increase on top of your 25% commissions. We have a simple and proven method to ensure anyone can make money with VivaMK. How much and how succesful you can be, depends on how hard you work and your attitude towards your business. You can also increase your money earnings by Team Building, we have special training available on this. No previous experience is required.

A few examples of personal retail earnings are on this site VivaMK Information "

3.  Can I just make money by delivering and collecting catalogues or by working online? "Yes, you can."

4.  Do I need to Team Build? "No, you do not need to Team Build if you just wish to retail our products online or offline or do both. Although, you can increase your earnings this way and receive extra Money Bonuses."

5.  Do people still buy from catalogues? "Yes, they do. People like to buy from people, especially when they are local. We are offering a personal service straight to the customers door. Repeated business comes mainly from local distributors / customers."

6. Is VivaMK legit? "Yes, VivaMK is legit. VivaMK Network owns its own warehouse, has got its own VivaMK branded products, including a wide range of home decor, bedding, toys, gifts, household and cleaning products and more. VivaMK sells physical products to customers. Distributors can order them directly from the Distributor ordering site, customers can buy from the webshop. VivaMK is a People's Business"

7. I live in a rural area, is there a point to get started after all? "Yes, of course. We do not have a territory in our business therefore you can build your business around your area."

8. What if there are other Distributors in my area already? Surely, I won't get orders! "There can be other Distributors in your area, however, this may not neccessarily effect your orders. People buy off people, if you are having the attitude "I am the best distributor" and you are consistend and persistient more and more customers will come your way. Also customers may not buy "this week" but maybe "next time". If you really want to make an income with our opportunity, you can make it and achieve success. As Jim Rohn said "If you want something bad enough, you will find a way. If you don't , you will find an excuse."  

9. Do we get an Online Shop? "Yes, as soon you are registered you have access to your own unique personal e-commerce webshop. The webhop is fully working, where customers add and pay directly from your site. Any orders will be dispacthed directly from the warehouse and send to the customers delivery address. Would you like to see how your webshop will look like?  Click HERE and see how your web shop can look like. If you are experienced in using Shopify or Etsy you can also build your own webshop."

VivaMK Online Shop Buy Online Question & Answers

10.  I am not experienced, do I get support? "Yes, you will get support. Your Sponsor Ivonne Meisel who will introduce you to the Business, will also contact you for your first Induction, additional Training and ongoing work shops. It will be in your own interest though to keep in touch with Ivonne and others you will be introduced to. We are working as part of a large Team and always  help each other, so there is always someone available to speak to."

11.  What training do you offer? "We offer weekly online training and work shops throughout the UK and regular seminars. I am also available to help you and answer any questions you might have. Click HERE and find out more about out Team"

12.  I work full time, can I still join the Business part time? "Yes, you can indeed. Many of our current succesful distributors still work full time and make this business work for them. You will be running your own independent Business, therefore you can set your own hours. We recommend that you have at least 1-2 hours spare a day to build your business. Of course, if you wish to work more hours, you can do that. We do not recommend though, to distribute the catalogues after 9pm or before 7am."

13.  What if it doesn't work for me or I change my mind? "We have a simple system which works already for many distributors. If you follow the system and attend our free online / offline trainings then it will work for you too. Why should it not work for you but everyone else? However, if you change your mind simply email HQ."

14.  Is VivaMK British? "Yes, VivaMK is British owned."

15. What products does VivaMK sell? "VivaMK sells a wide range of products and is growing monthly.

Products: Essential, Beauty, Health, Home Living, Trending, Eco-Friendly and Vegan. None of the products have been tested on animals. Cruelty free. The current catalogues can be viewed on this website. For the catalogues click here "

16. How do I get the products? "You receive the products by placing an order using the Distributor Ordering Site. Your Sponsor will  show you how to place your orders, it is very simple.  A confirmation email of your order will be sent to your email inbox. The delivery courier in the UK is DPD. Orders will be delivered to your nominated address within 2-3 business Days in the UK, Ireland 3-4 Business Days. Tracking is available by using the DPD app. A signature will be required upon delivery."

17. How often is a NEW catalogue launched? "Catalogues are launched on a regular basis, however there is no set frequency as yet,  the company is still building its range of products. The company was founded in 2018. Every Distributor gets notified usually by email, sent from HQ, when a new catalogue can be excpected to be launched and what type of catalogue it will be, for example: a Main, Garden and Outdoor, Beauty, Basics, Christmas or an Essential catalogue"

18. Can I sell VivaMK products on Social Media or other Online channels if I prefer working online? "VivaMK Distributors retailing the products through catalogues in their local area (Mail Order) or retailing any of the VivaMK products online, using Social Media or third party sites , ie amazon, Ebay or Etsy. Every Distributor has their own VivaMK online shop too and comes with the start up package when signing up and at NO extra costs to you. The webshop comes with your Starter Kit."

19. What is new? "VivaMK offers Kleeneze branded household products. The Kleeneze Brand is known in the UK and Ireland  since 1923. VivaMK Network has also started creating their own "VivaMK branded"  range. For the latest NEWS visit this Page or this Social Media Page."

VivaMK offering Kleeneze Branded Products

20.  Do I need to achieve any targets? "No, there are no targets you need to achieve. Of course, you can set your own targets to help you in increasing your income potential."

21.  What if I don't get customer orders? "Our catalogue retail system is proven and has been working for many years. Your Sponsor will guide you through the system which will be shown to you as soon as you start. The same, when you work online . You do get support, help and various training offered, online. People are ordering online, Other distributors work solely online. It does take to build an online prescence."

22.  Do I need to pay for the catalogues or additional catalogues? "VivaMK Network offers from time to time FREE catalogues as a Business development incentive and when new catalogues being launched the Distributors usually get a chance to buy these at a special offer for a limited time. However additonal catalogues can be purchased directly through the Distributor Ordering Site at low prices."

23. Does VivaMK offer a credit facility? "VivaMK offers a credit facility that calls "Post-Pay" and offers up to £150 of credit. VivaMK also accepts payments from PayPal. When you have a PayPal account , you can apply for a credit facilty too, using the PayPal 'Buy Now, Pay Later option'."

24. What is VivaMK Post-Pay? "Yes, Post-Pay is a credit facility offers by request to distributors. The distributor can get £100 - £150 as a credit. The distributor can submit an order without paying upfront. The ordered products are dispatched from the warehouse, the distributor then has 7 working days (10 days) from the date of order to pay for their ordered products. Increases on the above amounts will only be eligible for review after 3 orders have been placed using  the initiial Post-Pay limit. Reviews will be done on an amount by account basus and will rely on prompt PP repayments."

25. How can I get Post-Pay? "That depends on your starter kit. See below the details how you can get the Post-Pay option.

  • New Starters joining on an Online Starter Kit need to have placed and paid £50+ in orders in a three month period. This can be a single or cumulative order. You will then be able to have a starting limit of £100 on request. 
  • New Starters joining on a Standard Starter Kit can have a £100 facility on request.
  • New Starters joining on an Executive kit can have a £150 facility on request. 

Every new person can get the Post-Pay."

VivaMK Post-Pay Credit Facility

26. Can I order more catalogues? "Yes, additonal catalogues can be ordered as a Sales Aid.The catalogues are the main tools for your business. They also show all current products available to order." 

27. Is there a Delivery charge? "A FREE delivery is given on any order submitted of £300 (Agents Price) or more. The delivery charges on orders below £366 is £3.95 (for up to 3 Products) and £6.95 for

4+ products to £365 ( £250 Agent's Price). We also  have a 1 Day delivery option available which is £6.95 extra. The usual delivery takes  2-4 business  days, depending if it is a Direct Dispatch or normal order."

28.  What are the delivery charges to Ireland? "The delivery charges to Ireland are as follows since Brexit. Drop ship orders with 1-3 items is €14.34 ( £10.95) , however with more than 3 items (4+ products) in one order the delivery charge drops down to approx. €8.34 (£6.95) to help with custom charges due to Brexit. The delivery courier service to Ireland is DPD. VivaMK refunds additional VAT / Customer charges."

29.  Is there proof that this works? "Yes, there is. Click here to see the proof." 

30. Can I Drop-Ship any products directly to a Customer? "Yes, you can drop-ship orders directly to a customer across the UK and Ireland." 

31. Will I be employed or self employed? "VivaMK Distributors are working on a self employment basis and it is your responsibilty to register as self employed.

VivaMK Question & Answers
VivaMK Team Support

32.  Can I return the products? "Yes, you can return products to VivaMK. Any returns must be dealt with by directly contacting VivaMK Head office and by following the Returns Policy. Your Sponsor can explain the process. Your customers have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee."

33. Is Drop-Ship available? "Drop-ship is available and can be used when posting max. 3 items to a customer. The products will be picked at the warehouse and dispatched directly to the 'Drop Ship' address.

34. Can I try VivaMK? "You have a 14 Days money guarantee from the day of joining and of making the payment for your start up  kit. You can trial , try the business for 14 days without any risk. However, we are looking for people who are serious about making money, want to build a business, do not give up or give in within the first few weeks of joining! It does take time to build an established business although new Distributors can make money from Day 1 of joining. Please do not expect to earn a huge amount of money in your first month. If you have HIGH EXPECTATIONS you have to work hard, put the hours and effort in. VivaMK Network is NOT a get rich quick scheme. VivaMK Network is a business with which you can build a strong business, that pay you good money in your future and you maybe dream of. If you have your reason WHY to join, sign up and work hard.

If you would like to join VivaMK as a "Preferred VivaMK Network Customer"  that is of course a differnt  story."

35. What means a Preferred VivaMK Network Customer? "A Preferred VivaMK Network Customers is a Distributor who does not wish to make an income with VivaMK, but to purchase their products through the Distributor Ordering at a Wholesale price for yourself, family or friends. Discount is given on every order too. To start up on this option register the same way as a "normal" VivaMK Distributor. Please let me know if you wish to be "Preferred Customer" only. The  start up costs are from £5? Why? Because you will have the opportunity to purchase any products from the complete VivaMK range with a 25% Discount. You start saving immediately!" 

36. What kind of Brands or products does VivaMK Network offer? "VivaMK offers a wide range of products, from Home Living, Home Decor, Garden, Household Essentials, Beauty, Eco- and Vegan friendly and Health products. Popular and famous brand names which include Kleeneze, Blue Magic, Wenko and of course VivaMK Network's own product range. You can browse the whole range here."

37. Do you do Live Webinars where I can learn more about VivaMK before registering with the company?  "Yes, on every Tuesday at 8pm is a Live Webinar, in which the business is explained and questions can be asked and will be answered straight away. We want to make sure, you understand our business , therefore making the right decision whether the business is for you or whether on which busines start up, retail kit is best for you to start on to achieve quick success around your current circumstances, lifestyle and work / family commitments" Webinar Registration

38. Does VivaMK offer a Vegetarian / Vegan and Eco friendly range? "Yes, VivaMK offers a quite large Vegan also Eco-Friendly product range.  The range is from Beauty. to Household and Anti-bacterial surface and personal protection, such  as specific products to fight and protect from Coronavirus (Covid-19) . The company has also launched their own branded product range." 

39. Where can I find the Vegan and Eco-Friendly products?  "You can find the products in most of the products we offering. The VivaMK Main Catalogue, VivaMK Beauty and VivaMK HouseProud catalogue. As the range keeps continously increasing keep visiting the Catalogue Page."

One VivaMK Planet WorkSocialMedia Q&A page
VivaMK Planet branded products range

40. Do Irish Distributors get charged VAT from VivaMK because of Brexit? "No. Irish Distributors do not get charged any VAT from VivaMK. The distributors from Ireland order the products on wholesale price (and not the catalogue price) minus VAT (which is 20% in the UK). When the order arrives in Ireland the distributor pays 23% VAT on the price they paid for the goods to VivaMK. The Irish VAT is 23%. (Before Brexit the VAT was applied during the checkout on the VivaMK distributor ordering site, now these are applied at customs.) 

When the order arrives at customs in Ireland, the irish distributor gets notified from our delivery courier DPD with the required VAT fees (23%).

VivaMK refunds the Brokerage fees (set fee) of €6.15 when the order to VivaMK is between €90 and €150. Additional customs fees ONLY apply when the order to VivaMK exceeds €150.

VivaMK has reduced the delivery charges to Ireland to help the distributors to make their business work and to cover some of the charges. Please see point 25 regarding delivery charges. Any orders reach the Irish distributors within 2 business days from the day of ordering. "

Join our Front Row Team for full support, explainations and simple guides to help you  with your business. We have people across Ireland in our Team. 

41. What kind of support can I expect after I signed up? "As soon you are a registered Distributor  for VivaMK you will be contacted by myself, Ivonne Meisel to welcome you and to answer any questions you may have. You will get immediate access to our Front Row Websites, with training, video tutorials, news, incentives and more. You can expect high support and you get shown how to get started with VivaMK immediately and how you can make money with VivaMK in various ways."

42. Do you have any support groups and training tutorials or meetings? "Yes, if you are on Facebook, you will be personally invited to our support groups. These groups are full of new launches, HQ news, Team incentives, training, video tutoriols , team zoom meetings and more."

43. What can I expect after I joined? Will I get that support and help I need? "As soon as you have joined , you will receive a Welcome Email from me with helpful tips, access to our Team's website, access to our video tutorials, specific training tools and other benefits. I have won several awards since the launch of VivaMK, and that's because I have helped many people earning money. And yes, of  course. you get support and help at your own pace. You will have access to our simple systems, that help you to succeed."

44. Why do you have systems? And what are they?  "The systems we use, are proven systems that help you to gain success and to find regular customers. The systems are easy to understand and simple to use. To achieve long-term success , you should follow our systems. You will get shown everything, step by step at your own pace. " 

45. Do you have a Support Website? "Yes, we have two Front Row Support Websites, which are exclusive to our Team Members only. The websites offer you helpful information, as well video tutorials, training materials and books and online catalogues. As soon as you have joined us you will get access to that website. Any members of the VivaMK Front Row Team have also the opportunity to attend any of our Mastermind Academy training program. More about our Team and support here."

VivaMK Front Row Support Website
The Front Row Mastermind Academy Q & A Page

46. How can I join VivaMK Network? "You can join VivaMK by completing your registration form here. You need to select your starter kit and then complete your details such as delivery address, website name on the second page and submit yoiur application."

47. What does the starter kit include? "You can choose one starter kit from 2 VivaMK World start up options. These kits are currently between £0 / € - £35 / €42. The Catalogue starter kit comes with 50 catalogues of every catalogue available , order forms and snappy bags and it also includes a Post Pay option (credit facility) of £100 (on request). Digital Online Starters can request the Post Pay option after retail orders has been submitted. All detailed information can be viewed on this page Join VivaMK." 

48. Can I get help with the registration? "Yes, of course. You can WhatsApp me, send me a SMS, call me or send me an E-Mail. Contact details are as follows: Mobile: +447789561645 or get in touch by E-Mail  or at . I would  be happy helping you to get started and welcoming you to our business and our VivaMK "Front Row No.1 Stars Team".

49. Can I join immediately? "If you are ready to join VivaMK and you have read all these questions and answers, read all the detailed information on this website, understand the VivaMK start up charges and what your Business Success Kit entails and you don't have any other questions you can sign up instantly using this Registration Form 

50. Do you have a Facebook / Instagram Page? "Yes, I have. My Facebook page is  and on Instagram you can follow me on No1 Viva Queen .  Daily post are shared on Facebook, whether it is VivaMK information, how it works, how to start, Team success, new products or upcoming catalogues. Like and follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep being informed with the latest news. You can also follow the hashtag #worksocialmedia "  

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