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Ivonne Meisel 1st VivaMK Pioneer
VivaMK Network Recruiter Sponsoring Award 2019

Ivonne Meisel with the VivaMK Owner & MD

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People in Business

Meet & Work with the very 1st official VivaMK Pioneer Founding Member

Ivonne Meisel, Pioneer Distributor

 Exciting NEW Business Opportunity

                                                                                                                              Ivonne Meisel



An exciting new phase has started.

Start from as little as £5 / €6. 


Are you looking for an extra income to help to pay for Christmas, holidays, to top up your pension or simply to earn £50 / €50 per week for household bills?

VivaMK Network offers a work from home opportunity to suit you.

Find out more information about VivaMK today, how we work, how you can make money.

We are the People's Business - the VivaMK Network.


The opportununity with massive  GROWTH

What is VivaMK Network?

VivaMK Network is a British homeshopping and network marketing company offering products to customers which are distributed by independent distributors. The company was founded in June 2018.

The business is also known as the People's Business, where people work and support each other to achieve the most possible success.

VivaMK offers a an opportunity to earn an income, full-time or part time, working flexible hours.

VivaMK helps you grow and gives you confidence worksocialmedia

VivaMK is.....

  • Simple Business Opportunity
  • Home Shopping  
  • Work with Catalogues
  • Work Online (Social Media,selling sites e.g Ebay, Amazon)
  • Retail Commission 25% on every product sold !!!! 
  • Achieve up to an additonal 10% every 4 weeks
  • Online Social Selling Site exclusive to Distributors
  • Discounts , Bonuses & Incentives
  • Annually 13 Bonuses, every 4 weeks
  • Simple and straight forward payplan structure
  • Network Marketing (MLM)   
  • Direct Selling
  • United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland
  • A People Business, work with People, Team Support

The VivaMK Network Catalogue
Starting point desire VivaMK - Worksocialmedia

Browse our latest and Brand-New Catalogues HEREor simply click on the  catalogie image shown below.

View VivaMK Network Catalogues Worksocialmedia

What is NEW What are the latest NEWS ?  Click Here for the latest news. 

VivaMK is the most dynamic, trending, thriving new Business Opportunity ,based and founded in the UK.

The opportunity is available for anyone who is 18 years old or over and lives in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. 


                                                                           Ivonne Meisel

The company is offering products that consumers actually want and is an excellent opportunity to make an (extra) income, working Part Time , Full Time or in the Spare Time.

VivaMK sells 

"Essential’’ - "Beauty""Home Living" - "Trending" - "Vegan" 

"Eco-Friendly" and "Personalised Gifts".

products for the home, garden and for personal use.

The VivaMK Network proudly presents....

Kleeneze branded household products since 1923.

Kleeneze branded products exclusive at VivaMK

Meet New People, Make New Friends, Work Part Time or Full Time, Gain Personal Growth & Development,

Have Fun.

Join a driven, full of encouragement and supporting Team in VivaMK, where people come first so they can achieve quick success for themselves. Gain confidence, new strenghts and new skills.

Maybe you want find out more or want to read some Distributor testimonials and reviews and other VivaMK facts. These can be found under the tab "VivaMK Reviews and Testimonials" on top of this page or read the most frequent questions and answers: how can you join and  how to start, how do you receive the catalogues, how does it work, what support can you expect and how soon can you make money. Take a look at the "Q&A Site" and get all information you need to make a firm decision if the business could work for you too as for others. This website covers everything with full details about VivaMK! Take your time to read it all through or get in touch.

Do you want to see any or the latest "Social Media" posts? You can do this on this page.

Work and learn with one of Top Sales Leaders in VivaMK. Support and guidance given.

Or maybe you want to know how to register, sign up with the VivaMK Network? Take a look at this page "Registration"  with full info given of how to join or what your start up package contains. You an even find out what your annual Gift could be. Choose from 3 Joining Options which can inlcude catalogues or no catalogues. The Online Start Up Kit is only available for a limited time. Learn more by clicking on "Registration".

Or .....  if you are ready.......

..... PRE-REGISTER your interest today, become part of our Front Row Team and earn an extra income

from Day One.

The Team of the very first Distributor of VivaMK Ivonne Meisel.

                              Ivonne Meisel 

Register today and join from as little as £5.


Try it and find out for yourself if the business is for you. 

Yes, please send me more information or tell me how can I register in this thriving business?

Happy Family VivaMK Network

About Me

I am an experienced Online / Offline Catalogue Retailer and

Networker and working in this industry for almost 10 years. More 


Contact the very 1st VivaMK

Pioneer Founding Member & Advocate


        Ivonne Meisel


First Pioneer Distributor of VivaMK Ivonne Meisel.
VivaMK. The newest and most modern direct selling business in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Join the team of the first VivaMK Distributor Ivonne Meisel. Pioneer.
Unique opportunity in the UK and Ireland

*The Front Row Team

🙌 🎉

Our Team stands for Fun - Great People - Success

Enjoy living your life and make your dreams come true,

because dreams can come true, make them happen.

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