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What is so great about the VivaMK Opportunity?

VivaMK is the most dynamic UK based MLM organisation in the country and Ireland today.

The Registration is your first step towards a business opportunity to earn an (extra) income, with 25% retail commission on every product sold, whether it is via Catalogue Distribution or Online from day one and with the opportunity to make up to an addiotional 10% Bonus, based on your 4 weeks business volume.

And now you can even join for


The Registration is quick and simple.

You could start earning within a few minutes and receive immediate access to the Distributor ordering site and your own personalised webshop. You are just one click away. 

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*Below are the Start Up Kits explained and a 2 minutes video about how to join the Network of VivaMK or for further Information visit the Info Page and Q&A Page once more.

Achieve SUCCESS with the Front Row VivaMK Team

Receive Exclusive Discounts as a Distributor

Earn discounts after your VivaMk registration

Receive exclusive discounts as a Distributor on all VivaMK products or start as a Personal Shopper. All registered Agents (Distributors) get a 25% discount on all VivaMK products.

Any Sales items, could be even up to a whopping 50% or more of the RRP price. If you are interested in this, I would suggest starting up as an "Online Distributor". You could sign in to the Ordering Website straight after your registration, add products you wish to order, whether you would like to buy them for yourself, any birthdays or special occasions, to the basket and save that way money.  

Earn money after your registration

Joining VivaMK                                                                   

The VivaMK Network World Registration - Choose from 2 Starter Kits

    As a new starter your account will be created within a minute and with immediate access to the system, to place orders, to share your personalised webshop and build your own team (optional) immediately.

    1.VivaMK World Catalogue Starter Kit  

    £35 / €42

    The starter kit will be dispatched the next working day of your completed registration, it contains:

    You will receive these catalgues and more:

    • 50 Eco Friendly
    • 50 Living Spaces & Little Faces
    • 50 Personalised Gifts
    • 50 Health & Beauty
    • 50 HouseProud
    • 4 VivaMK Product Samples
    • 100 snap bags
    • 100 order forms 
    • Personal Unique E-Commerce Webshop (immediately available)
    • Immediate access to the Distributors Back Office, including to view all invoices an any purchased orders
    • Access to the VivaMK Front Row Team Websites & App, video tutorials and incentives
    • Get mentored by HQ multi award winner & Partner of the Year Ivonne Meisel
    • Access to the Mastermind Academy programme (at no extra costs)
    • The 30-Day Programme
    • The 90-Day Programme
    • 30 makes 45 Programme
    • The Viva Core Ranks Systems
    • Access to personalised recruitment link
    • On request Post-Pay (credit facility) of £100

    Registration kits will contain 100 copies of each available catalogue.

    A package worth over £70 for just £35 with FREE delivery.  Saving £33+ .

    This is better almost half price!!

    Registration process with VivaMK

    2. VivaMK World Online Starter Kit

     £0 / €0

    This start up option gives you the opportunity to start right away after your registration.

    This kit contains:

    • This Digital Online Kit does NOT come with any catalogues (however, catalogues can be purchased from the Distributor ordering site) 
    • Personal Unique E-Commerce Webshop (immediately available)
    • Access to the Distributor ordering site  within minutes
    • Download any pictures / images you may want to use when working online
    • Access to product descriptions
    • Immediate access to the Distributors Back Office, including to view all invoices on any purchased orders
    • Get mentored by HQ multi award winner & Partner of the Year Ivonne Meisel
    • Online catalogues can be downloaded  
    • Additional catalogues can be purchased on the Distributor ordering site
    • On request Post-Pay
    • Access to personalised recruitment link
    • Access to the VivaMK Front Row Team Websites and App, video tutorials and incentives
    • Access to the Mastermind Academy programme (at no extra costs)
    • The 30-Day Programme
    • The 90-Day Programme
    • 30 makes 45 Programme
    • The Viva Core Ranks Systems
    • Post Pay (credit facility) of £50 on request (when £100 / €120 value of orders has been placed & paid within 12 weeks. PostPay can be increased.

    How can you join VivaMK and why does VivaMK charge a joining fees to get started?

    The answers are and cover: 

    a) The shipping and package costs for sending the catalogues .

    b) The catalogues are your tools, which are making you money and you NOT investing in VivaMK, you are investing in yourself.

    Most work opportunities start with a small investment, whether these are clothes, shoes, pens or any other tools.

    c) You can make a substantial (extra) income starting with the Standard or the Online Start Up Package.  

    d) If you have started your registration already, but there a few things you don't fully understand what it means, you can read the frequent 'Registration questions and answers'.

    Do you want to become a VivaMK Distributor?

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    VivaMK Network Registration Become a Distributor

    "You can steer yourself in any direction you choose" Dr.Seuss

    What happens after your VivaMK Registration?

    Within minutes of joining the VivaMK Network you get granted access to the Distribtuor Orderding Site, to place orders (at a Wholesale Price), your invoices and your unique personalised Distributor Webshop to build your own VivaMK Team, if you wish to. You will also get granted accesss to our Front Row Team's website, only Team members of the Front Row Team will get the access, which can help them to receive customer orders and building their own Team. You will be mentored by Ivonne Meisel, multi award winner.

    A 14 Days Money Back Guarantee apply.The Registration fees are not refundable after 14 Days

    Choose your direction after your VivaMK registration
    Be your own boss start your VivaMK registation today

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    VivaMK Network Registration

    Questions and Answers about the Registration process

    To help you to speed up your VivaMK registration, here are some frequent questions answered straight away. If you have further questions contact me by phone or whatsapp.

    1. "What means 'Your Personalised Shop Name'?" This is also called your "site name" and will be your webshop name. The name / word you choose will be integreated into your own personalised link, unique to you. For example, you can put "ShopWithNicola", your personalised website will have "ShopWithNicola" in the url. Please don't leave spaces, the system may recognise this as an error and will not approve it. You can numbers too.

    2. "What means 'commission payment methods'?" This section can be left blank and can be completed at a later stage on Distributor Website, BUT VivaMK will need your details to pay you, the extra bonus you qualified for

    3. Why does it say "Billing address must match the credit card address" although I used the correct details?  You have probably done everything correct. This sentence is simply a reminder NOT to use someone else's card and always shows on the website. It is simply a reminder. 

    4. "What is the return policy if I change my mind?" You have a 14 days money back guarantee if you change your mind.

    5. "What means 'Your Personalised Shop Name' ?" You will receive your own webshop,using the name you wish to have, if available. The webshop is included in your Starter pack and free to use.  

    If you are ready to sign up now click here to go to the Registration process.