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“It has given me my confidence back”

4 years ago I was introduced to Network Marketing, having previously worked in customer services and 9 years in childminding. I really liked the fact that I could work from home, earning money and have total flexibility with my hours.

I was widowed 6 years ago, with 2 children who are now teenagers.  Both my children have been diagnosed with a lifelong autoimmune condition so working from home has benefited us so much as a family as I can take them to medical appointments when needed and I don’t have to worry when my youngest is off school unwell.

Network Marketing has helped us as a family so much, as it has given me my confidence back after losing my husband so suddenly. Having been involved with 4 different companies since I started this journey, I’ve found my niche! I absolutely love what I do. The VivaMK Network is so supportive of one another and a fabulous company who really do ensure their network of distributors are valued. I retail successfully online and now I am really enjoying building a team and helping others get started in the business.

My personal goals for the next 2 years are to book another fantastic holiday, as so far my work from home business has enabled us to have fantastic trips to New York, Barcelona, Berlin & Malta. I also would like a new car. Anything is possible with Network Marketing, it’s an exciting journey!

Louise R.

Louise VivaMK has given me confidence back