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“I look to the future with a smile, knowing that everything is coming together”

I run my VivaMK business with my husband Tony from our home in Denton, Northamptonshire.

Our house is manic. We both have full-time jobs, VivaMK and two separate businesses – one based in the US and one in the UK. We have 2 sons aged 17 and 15 (so the house is always loud, full of music and people).  Just to add to the mayhem we have 2 dogs too, a Scottish Terrier called Joe and a West Highland Terrier called Gina.

My ‘job’ experience has been within the banking industry primarily around Information and Cyber Security for major high street banks, having worked in over a dozen countries throughout the world as well as across the United Kingdom.

In addition, I also run a Facebook Marketing business helping small businesses and local rural communities with their social media requirements. I am a semi-professional photographer specialising in portraits and corporate events (although my ‘experiences of a wedding photographer’ would make a good book)!

I have been involved in Network Marketing for over 10 years after being ‘forced’ into it by my husband who was born an entrepreneur.  I was more a job girl and did not understand why anyone would want to walk the streets putting catalogues in doors, but I had promised to always support his ventures so reluctantly went along with it and grew to understand the concept and see the advantages and benefits a MLM business could bring.

I am now in a great position – a new network, VIVAMK; great upline; and an amazing team of nearly 40 distributorships, which I consider to be an honour to help and support.

To the future…

My goals for 2019 is to replace my full-time income so I can work from home and have the freedom I yearn for, throw away the alarm clock and help Tone achieve his goal of being a full-time speaker.

I look to the future with a smile, knowing that everything is coming together and this is just the beginning.

Julie W.-F.

Jules looks foward to her future  after setting goals
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