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I am one of the Top 10 Retailers 2020 and the Top Sponsor of VivaMK in 2019 + 2020 and 2021, who has helped the most people in 2019 + 2020 + 2021 making money with VivaMK, whether they have worked online or with our catalogues. I give regular training on retailing and sponsoring to our Team.

Find out more about our Front Row No1 StarsTeam here .

Get in touch with me today by email or phone and I can help you getting started within 2 minutes and you can earn money with VivaMK in your first hour of joining.

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Catalogue Retail AND Online Retail

We retail, receive customer orders in 2 ways. So, how does it work?


Catalogue Retail: The catalogue site is simple and can be easily followed. I and our Team can show you how to build your own customer bases, in your local area, by simply delivering (posting the catalogues through the letterbox) and collecting our catalogues in your local area or by using our DSS (Doorstep Show &  Share) method. You can browse our current catalogues here . The distributors can work in their own time, a territory is NOT given.

We have two proven catalogue retail systems in place to ensure any new person who joins us can  have the same success as other distributors and build their own customer bases too. As soon you are ready to start you are being introduced to our system.

Our customers order from the catalogues by adding any products they wish to order on the provided order form, you earn on every order and you submit through the Distributor ordering site. You do not need to knock on doors or speak to people at the door or need any selling skills. The catalogues do the work for us! We just deliver, collect to receive orders. It can't be simplier.

It does take time to build a customer base. However, you can earn money from Day 1.

VivaMK Doorstep Show and Share Front Row Team

Online Retail: You don't need to be an expert or have any professional background to work online. You should have an high interest though to work online, using Social Media Sites or any third part selling sites if you wish to retail any products online. We have special online trainings and guidance available.

You will have  your own personalised web shop, digital catalogues and you will have access to all products descriptions, prices and pictures.

What do you need to have to work online? You need an internet device, such as a smart phone, tablet or laptop and internet access, wifi is recommended.

You earn money every time someone places an order, this can be from Day 1.

Both options are available to every distributor, you can work both methods or simply one method.


How can you join VivaMK?

To register, simply click on the button below and see all information on the Registration page.

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