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This page is all about Personal Growth, because in our  business genre this can play a huge part of your own success in your VivaMK Network business.

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They say "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone", and this is so true. If you come out of your "so used to lifestyle / attitude", you will grow as a person, whether is business related or personal related.

With personal develoment you can change your life to the better. You can earn more money if you want to. You become a stronger and confident person. Your business grows with the help of personal development and self-development.

Achieve the impossible - Grow as a person - Believe in yourself

Goal setting

Below you can read examples how personal growth / personal development can you in our business and how you can fit in your current lifesteyle.

VivaMK Network can help you to make you an extra income, build an own business with, but it gets far more than that and you may undestand the benefits of joining VivaMK Network as well.

Grow as a person

Did you realise that you can grow as a person when you start reading books for self improvement? 

There are so many books out there, even audiobooks, CDs and short motivational videos.

The word "motivational" has been mentioned, and yes, self-improvement books, CDs etc can help you to motivate you even  more.

When you are motivated nothing can stop you to achieve your goal. You are doing more than you think you would have done and therefore achieve more, you become more confident in what yor are doing. When you are confident you become competent.

Climbing up the steps in VivaMK Success

"Achieve success with personal development and become more confident"

This is very true, especially in VivaMK and you may want to become a Leader too.

It is essential to grow as a person to become a leader, whether it is in our VivaMK Network  business or any other business. 

Leaders have to lead their team, they must be confident in what they are doing. But by becoming more confident you become more component.

In VivaMK you grow as a person, even if you only start out delivering our catalogues in your local area or work online. You will grow as a person in VivaMK, to become a better person and gain lots of confidence in many areas of your life. You will have a different outlook to things.

Are you ready to start with us and join our Front Row Team? Click HERE

Start to grow as  person, become stronger, more confident and achieve the goals you always wanted to achieve.

Believe it. See it. Achieve it.

Many people have  heard or read the book or watched the movie "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

I absolutely love this book, but I must say I had the listen and read it more often than just once to get it and to understand what The Secret is about and how it works. 

I never really believed in "The Law of attraction" before and thought, if something is meant to happen, is about to happen. I do still believe in this phisolophy, but I do understand now why we keep attracting certain things more often than others.

You can achieve anything believe

It really has something to do what we  "Think about, that will come about".

The more we FOCUS on the GOOD THINGS, more GOOD THINGS are about to happen.

I wanted to achieve a certain level in our VivaMK business, and that was hitting Premier. Yes, I worked hard, kept thinking about it, focused even more on my goal and slowly results started to happen.

It was all visual to me, in front of my eyes. 

Before I had hit Premier I suddenly kept seeing the word "Premier", that was about 6 weeks before I achieved that level. I suddenly saw it everywhere. I saw the word written on cars, then on posters, it was suddenly always in front of me. 

It put a smile on my face, and reminded myself on "The Secret" and "The law of attraction". But of course I was scared of failing once again of not achieving that goal. 

What did I do? I read the book again, again and again. I kept focussing and then it happened. I achieved Premier and crashed through with a massive Sales progression. It seemed so unreal to me first, but this has showed me: When you believe in something and you want to achieve something special, you get started working then it will happen, and you achieve your goal. You can achieve anything.

I now have started working with the Team and helping them to work the Law of Attraction to their own favours and to achieve their own goals. If you ever wanted to work in our business genre, join our Team and achieve your goals, whether it is a personal, financial or business goal.

Goal Setting

Our business is perfect for setting goals.

Usually people who join VivaMK have got a reason WHY they have joined our business. Therfore their goals has been set automatically as soon as they have joined us. 

Maybe they want to earn an extra income, create and have a better lifetsyle, build their own home shoppping business from home, want to buy a car, pay off their mortgage or any bills or simpy they want to work flexible hours around their children (family) to be able attending any school assemblies.

You are never to old to set a new goal or dream Personal Growth VivaMK

Setting goals is important whether it is in your private life, working life or business life.

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream", this is so true. Why should only children allowed to dream? Is it childish to dream to fly an areoplane and to become a pilot? No, absolutely not. 

Setting goals and dreaming NEW dreams keeps anyone going, who wants to achieve anything special. We are also more optimistic and going for things to achieve these goals and dreams.

Ask yoruself this question: How would you feel when you have achieved your goal, you dream, live your new dream?

All this you can do and achieve with VivaMK Network. Set goals, achieve goals, dream and live your dreams and make them a reality. Join VivaMK HERE , we would love to HELP YOU TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS AND DREAM YOUR DREAMS

Overcoming Challenges

Challenges. We all get challanges from time to time. That's life. They come in small shapes and bix sizes. But we can overcome those challenges. These can be difficult of course, knock us off our feet, knocks down our confidence. We have to learn to focus and set goals to face these challenges and to overcome these. 

We may get challenges in life, business and at uni.  

Challenges could be also seen as a test in our abilities, how we approach them and challenge these objections.

That's why it is important that we remember that we can overcome these. We should see these an opportunity to grow, to get better at things, to improve our skills and to become a stronger person and more resilient.

Overcoming challenges can be also seen as an opportunity

But how do we overcome a challenge?

First we have to acknowledge the challenge that it exists, and not ignoring the challenge or pretending it doesn't exist or not a big deal. If we think the challenge is too big to handle, we should try to break the challenge down in smaller steps, easier to reach and more managable steps. Making a plan how to achieve those goals (small steps) can make it easier too and can help to motivate us more.

Of course writing a plan and putting any action will not help you to overcome your challenge. You have to put any  neccessary action in and do what  you need to do to achieve your goals.

Believe in yourself and don't give up to overcome the challenge. Remember anything is possible, also overcoming challenges. Celebrate all your successes, your little steps, that will  give you another boost, you feel more motivated and gives you more confidence and a belief in yourself too.

Our VivaMK Network business can help us in many ways too, to overcome challenges or learn how to overcome these.Visit our Mastermind Academy and see how our MA can help you to overcome fears, challenges and turn this into the opposite. Achieving goals and living a happy, grateful life.

Achieve the impossible

You can achieve the impossible, if you just want to. Of course you have to be determined and work consistenly if you want to achieve certain goals.

Self-help and self guided improvement books, audios or videos can help you with these. 

You start to focus more, you may even think about your current working strategy and you maybe realise you have to change your working attitude to reach your goal. 

Achieve the impossible with VivaMK

We should never stop learning, as soon as we stop learning or even just readong we forget about how far we can come.

We maybe read reviews before we buy anything, just to inform ourselves. We learn about that product, what it does, what it so good about it and how it can help us. We maybe read about something what interests us, we found a new hobby, we start learning more about it.

Reading personal development books is the same. We learn, pick up new ideas, get self-help, find motivation, understand what we have to do in being able to achieve our goals or making our dreams come true.

It starts with your you VivaMK

Success finds you with the right support

Sucess finds you with the right Support VivaMK

Receiving support in a business like ours is crucial, it helps you to achieve success, your goals, making money and to focus.

I keep hearing from so many people, who are working in a another business or have been working in another business opportunity , that they have not received any support, guidance or help.

I know that feeling too, beacuse I had the same experience. I have learnt from it, and turned the negative into the positive, to grow, to grow as a person and to be that person I wish I would have worked with in the past.

When I joined VivaMK in June 2018 and started to build my business I reminded myself with every person who has joined us in this amazing new venture , "Give as much support, advice and help as you can. Help those people who have joined and show them the way "how to make money with VivaMK right from the start.".

There are no secrets , no short cuts. It is pure determitation and passion.

Success finds you with the right people, peopple you are working with and supporting YOU

Working Together Building Together

Each team member gets as much support as they need or want, this not only strengthen our business partnership but also friendships. People also feel more appreciated, gaining more confidence win what they do and they like doing. "Success beging with the choices you make"

Believe in yourself

It is sometimes difficult to believe in ourselves, but with reading Personal Development books or listening to audio books can give a big boost and seeing that it is always worth believing in ourselves.

Of course with VivaMK you can grow as a person, and that also boosts your confidence and therefore you start believing in yourself.

You achieve success, meet people that inspire you, you become a Team Leader that you always wanted to become, love working with people who become maybe even your friends.  

When you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything, especially with VivaMK.

Kids are the best example, they believe they can ride their little scooter or balance bike, they get on it, maybe wobble a bit, but they keep going until they are confident. They believe.

Climb up the success ladder, the Marketing Plan , achieve goals you never achieved before.

The beauty of our business is, that really anyone can become the next leader, without having any previous knowledge, experience. The most important thing to succeed is, having the passion, love what you do and shout it from the rooftops. 

Why not sharing it with others?

Start creating your new journey with our business, join our supportive Team. We try everything we can giving you the confidence you need or maybe want to have. You only need to make the next step and register with VivaMK.

As soon you started your new venture, you receive the Team's support and online support, with weekly Team get-together and Training Sessions. The training sessions and team meeting can give you the confidence you are looking fot build a successful VivaMK business. 

Believe in yourself with VivaMK
Live and be happy VivaMK personal growth blog

Live your dream

Everyone has got dreams. What do you do to pursue them? Every dream can come true somehow, we only have to take the action, believe in ourselves and keep the dream in front of our eyes to make them happen. 

Dreams won't come true within a forthnight, there is a reason why they call "DREAMS". We have to maybe work towards them, work a little bit harder than we normally would do, but nothing is impossible to achieve. Any dream can come true. Believe in them and in yourself.

Dreams VivaMK Personal Growth

Be enthusiastic and have fun

Enthusiasm is the secret to success

The secret to success is surely enthusiasm. 

Without enthusiasm, it can be difficult to achieve success. Our enthusiasm pushes us towards any goals we may have. We are more motivated and don't give up. We always keep going.


When we look at the athletes in the world who became an Olympic, they all had one goal, that was the Olympics and winning a medal. The enthusiam pushes the athletes to get better, but they also enjoy and love what they are doing. They have that feeling to go for more, achieve more and they will.

The quote by Walter Chrysler is so true, the more you think about it. 

Enthusiasm is a feeling and it could be mean FUN too . When we have fun, we keep going until we reach our achievement. Enthusiasm also means a strong excitement of a feeling, our energy is really high and we have got that feeling that we want to shout it down from he roof tops.  

Be unstoppable

When you love something you are doing, everyting is easier.

When people sign up with VivaMK, they all have their own reason "why, they have joined", everyone joins for a different reason.

New starters are excited, they start and keep going. 

Of course we all get from time to time also results we don't want, but in being able to achieve success, we have to keep going and shouldn't stop!

Believe in yourself and be unstoppable

There is this saying "Tough times don't  last, tough people do" That is so true. You have to keep going, you get stronger and when you are unstoppable, the success will kick in.

So always believe in yourself and be unstoppable .

Earn while you learn

They say "You earn while you learn" and I personally thinkg this is right.

In our Front Row Team I hold weekly online meeting with the team, which are optional to join. 

In these online meetings we discuss, share ideas, do coaching sessions on specific themes and enjoy some fun too.

Front Row Team Online Metting

What has this got to do with "Earn while you learn" you might think? Well, this can be easily explained. You may have heard of the other saying too?

"The more you learn, the more you earn." By joining our meetings people LEARN , they can put this IDEA into their own business and they EARN more money.

We learn every day in life. We started to learn when we were babies, then toddlers, then at school, then at uni or college and at work.

We learn to develop. To develop our knowledge and to get better at things we want to improve in. We "earn" experience and that is sometimes more valueable than money.

 Brand yourself

You are your own brand.

What does this mean?

You get people come to YOU, order from You, join YOUR business , because of the service you provide to your customers , because of the support you give to people.

People buy off people. People join people.

In our business genre we are working with people, whether they are customers or VivaMK Partners.

You are your own brand. You are also your own brand of life. There is no one else like you on our planet. You are unique.

You are your own brand

When people join us we show them how they brand themselves as a VivaMK Catalogue Distributor or Online Marketer.

VivaMK Distributors can build their own home shopping and home business, working from home. 

Click HERE for the registration form and how you can join us.

Success with VivaMK
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