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This page informs you about the Pay Plan, as well as the New Starters Rewards Programme.

The VivaMK Pay Plan is an important part you should understand when you have joined VivaMK Network as a Distributor.

What do these stages mean and what are the benefits?

If you want to achieve success with your VivaMK business, one of the first things you should understand this marketing plan. You will experience success when you start climbing the steps of this plan. As a new starter you can also reap amazing rewards. And more? With the Front Row Team and the Mastermind Academy you can achieve anything.

Below is the New Starter Pay Plan Rewards Scheme and the  current Marketing Pay Plan from VivaMK Network.

If you you find these difficult to understand please contact Ivonne Meisel, the very first VivaMK Distributor for any questions.

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New Starter Pay Plan Rewards

Reap the rewards for joining VivaMK Network.

This Pay Plan Rewards Programme is exclusive to new partners of VivaMK. With the guidance and personal support of our Front Row Team and our Mastermind Academy and its programmes, you can achieve these rewards in no time or at your own pace.

What is the rewards programme? As a new partner and starter with VivaMK, simply by starting and working your business, you can earn amazing rewards such as a full retail kit (worth £55), a luxury hotel stay, VivaMK vouchers, and even substantial cash rewards.

Have a look at the New Starter Pay Plan Rewards Programme below. If you have any questions, please get in touch now speak to me directly, the first Distributor of VivaMK and Partner of the Year 2023.

Remember, "New beginnings start with a single step, and that step starts with you." (Ivonne Meisel)

VivaMK New Starter Pay Plan Rewards

Further below you can see the current VivaMK Pay Plan for all registered distributors. 

VivaMK Network Marketing Pay Plan

This updated Marketing Plan (stand August 2022) has more and higher bonuses than ever before.

The additional bonuses kick in when distributors achieve Viva 4000 for the first time and those bonuses incease even more from the level of Premier and above. These additonal bonuses start at £50 and can go up to £10k , paid every 4 weeks. 

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The VivaMK Pay Plan offers you a simple and straight forward opportunity
 VivaMK Pay Plan Success Worksocialmedia

Now you have seen the Network Marketing Plan, take a look at the Earnings sheet of what you can earn with VivaMK Network.

Looking at the NWP you can see that Distributors earn 25% retail commission on every order.

Seeing the real income figures though can help you even more to understand the Marketing Pay Plan from VivaMK.

If you have further questions get in touch with Ivonne Meisel or get in touch via the contact form below.


Gain more confidence and new learning skills with Team Building

Additional bounses can be achieved by  Business Building (also called Team  Building, coaching others how to make money by delivering and collecting cataogues  locally and retailing online.

Do you have a question about Team Building?

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For further questions click on the Mobile Telephone number 07789561645  (UK) and we can have chat and answer any questions you may have.

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