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Reviews of customers are always important, whether they are , it simply proofs that our products are selling adn are popular to our products. {rducts that customers want and need adn would re-order the same products again. That's why we often have repeated customers. The customers know that the products work, they do what theay meant to do. Popluar make the business more known and branded.

Customer Product VivaMK Reviews Research

What are the products like and quality that VivaMK Network sells?

Do the products sell?

What do people order?

Questions people sometimes have before puchasing a product or joining our business. Below are some customer product reviews and a business review.  

I always look for further reviews. Why not send me a message and I add your review or feedback to the page too.

Our business is a People's business. People buy of people and the Distributors earn minimum 25% retail commission on every product sold, which can increase up to 35% a month.

This page is showing you what customers are saying of our range of products and about the opportunity VivaMK. 

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Customer Reviews VivaMK

Kleeneze Mop & Shine  (80003)

''I am very impressed with the

quality of the Mop & Shine.'' 

Sandra from Kingstanding

Kleeneze Mop & Shine at VivaMK

Kleeneze The Ultimate Stain Remover (80001)

''All the products I have had from VivaMK have been excellent. Thoroughly recommend  it to all. Very pleased to have the Kleeneze brand back again. The Stain Remover is a very good product

and is very useful. I often send to

my daughter in law in Bournemouth to use for her son's sporting clothes. Looking forward to seeing what other Kleeneze Products there will be in the future. Very convenient as it saves me, as an elderly client, from travelling around the shops.'' 

Diana S. from Luton 

VivaMK selling Kleeneze The Ultimate Stain Remover

Kleeneze The Ultimate Stain Remover (80001)

'Kleeneze and VivaMK mean everything to me because I am disabled and can't get out to the shops. To have your wonderful products delivered to me in an efficient and friendly way is a relief and a joy. I am so glad to have the old products back because nothing else can touch them, especially Ultimate Stain Remover.'' 

Anne H. from Luton 

Kleeneze The Ultimate Stain Remover at VivaMK


Kleeneze The Ultimate Stain Remover (80001)

"I was very lucky to be able to trial this amazing stain remover through my lovely local rep and I'm so glad I did, I would recommend this stain remover to everyone as I've yet to find a stain it won't or ca't remove. I've tried a lot of the top stain removers and this by far is the best."

Emma J. 

The Ultimate Stain Remover Kleeneze

Kleeneze Carpet Remove & Refresh ( 80010)

"Used the Remove & Fresh in my car and found that it worked really quickly on the stains and it also freshened the car with a nice smell. '' 

Lesley from Great Barr

Kleeneze Carpet Remove & Refresh at VivaMK
Arrow pointing a Contact form VivaMK Product Reviews Feedback

Here is the important part of this webpage.

What are our customers saying to our products?

Read their feedback and what they are thinking. 

Has the product worked for them they purchased?

What was their reason to buy the product from VivaMK?

Was the product the sulotion to their issue, problem?

Would they buy the product again? 

Many question, but honest feedback from VivaMK customers

More VivaMK product reviews to come, including the VivaMK branded products. Stay tuned. 

More Customer Product Feedback to come.

If you would like to leave me some feedback please do this in the form below.

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VivaMK Network Product Customer Reviews

Reviews can help to make a decision whether to purchase a product, see or learn what others have to say about a product or maybe about the opportunity.

Registered VivaMK  Distributors make 25% retail profit on every product sold and can achieve another 10% bonus profits, which is making a total of 35%. Take a look at the Q&A and the Info Page for further explainations and a Retail Income Chart. 

As mentioned above , our business is based on people, people buy of people , buying of distributors in a simple way. 

Customer feedback review  about VivaMK that matters. 

This review is from my Google my business page.

If you looked at most pages on my website "Worksocialmedia" by now you can see that I have got the passion for my business, whihc is VivaMK. Any kind of review I receive, matters. 

VivaMK Google My Business

"Great  products, catalogue fully stocked with interesting items and Ivonne is a great sales leader who is dedicated to making the business the success it is today"

R. Mullis 

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Tried , used and tested. VivaMK Products.

Watch the short videos and see yourself how those products are working adn what the results are.

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VivaMK Fridge Freezer DE-Icer 

VivaMK Fridge Freezer


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