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Specifically designed for our Front Row Members

Here at the Front Row Team, we're excited to offer you exclusive access to our top-notch training programmes through the Mastermind Academy. These programmes are designed specifically for our team members, ensuring you receive the support and guidance you need to thrive in your VivaMK business.

Our exclusive programmes just for you:

Here, you can explore the various programmes offered by our team and discover what you can expect as a member of the Front Row Team.

As part of our team, members can look forward to growth, enhanced leadership skills, personal development, and support in becoming successful online or catalogue retailers.

Our programmes are designed to accelerate your progress. Are you ready to join us? Do you aspire to achieve success? Are you considering the VivaMK opportunity as a new career path? If you answered 'Yes,' then scroll down and join us now.

Below is a snapshot of some of our programmes. The Mastermind Academy's portfolio is expanding regularly.

30-Day Programme:

Kickstart your journey to success with our foundational 30-Day Programme. This programme covers all the basics and introduces you to strategies that really work especially using Social Media Platforms. It's perfect for anyone looking to enhance their skills and is not afraif of getting our there.

The 30-Day  Programme Mastermind Academy VivaMK Network

Success Proficiency Programme:

The Success Proficiency programme offers three bands tailored to your progress, guiding you to identify which band you're in and providing the tools to level up, both personally and in your sales plan. It's a structured approach designed to empower you to achieve higher levels of success and proficiency within the VivaMK network.

The Front Row Success Proficiency Program

30 Makes 45 Programme:

Our "30 Makes 45" program is the perfect beginner's guide for team members who want a simple way to achieve online success. Perfect for beginners. In just 45 days, you'll learn the essentials and discover how to boost your sales and online presence, setting you up for success.

30 makes 45 VivaMK Front Row Programme

The Viva Core Ranks:

The Viva Core Ranks Programme offers a clear path for new VivaMK members to start earning rewards right away by reaching the first two levels. It's a straightforward way to begin your journey and grow within the VivaMK team.

The Viva Core Ranks Programme of the Front Row Team

The 90-Day Programme:

Aimed at those who aspire to be leaders, smash their goals our comprehensive 90-Day Programme offers in-depth training, personalised coaching, and continuous support to help you become a standout leader in the Network Marketing world.

The 90-Day Programme VivaMK Fronr Row Mastermind Academy

8-Weeks to Mastery:

Fast-track your success with our intensive 8-Weeks to Mastery Program. This program combines hands-on exercises and real-world challenges to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to achieve exceptional results quickly.

8 Weeks to Mastery Programme of the Mastermind Academy VivaMK Front Row Programme
Leading with Impact Workbook

Leading with Impact:

Our exclusive workbook focuses on Leadership

It is decided into 8 modules, each containing strategies and learning content designed to improve and develop new skills.

Read the reviews from our VivaMK MD on all our Front Row Mastermind Academy programmes and workbooks. Find out what  he thinks about each programme or workbook and see how it might benefit you, if  you decide to join us at The Front Row Team.  Read the review right here.  

Programmes and Workbooks

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Why our Front Row Team stands out:

Joining the Front Row Team means you're not just getting access to these exclusive training programmes. You're becoming part of a vibrant community that's dedicated to your growth and success. What makes us different from other teams in VivaMK?

Personalised Support: With us, you get more than just training. You receive personal mentorship from experienced leaders like me, Ivonne and other leaders of our team. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

Community Spirit: Our team is a family. We celebrate each other's wins, support through challenges, and grow together. This sense of community is rare and invaluable.

Cutting-Edge Training: Our Mastermind Academy programmes and training sessions are constantly updated with the latest strategies and insights in the Network Marketing profession, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.

Support For You: And let's not forget our weekly video calls, where you'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow team members, receive additional guidance, and stay motivated on your journey to success, as well as getting access to our Front Row Website and Support App.

The VivaMK Front Row Team

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The Front Row Mastermind Academy VivaMK

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As a valued Front Row Member you can get exclusive access to these programmes. You can work these on your own or with the support and guidance from me, Ivonne Meisel.

Join the Front Row Team

This is your moment to shine in your VivaMK business. By joining our Front Row Team, you're not just signing up for success; you're becoming part of a movement that values growth, support, and community.

Let's make your dreams a reality. Join us, and let's embark on this exciting journey together. Your future in network marketing starts here, with us, where we don't just dream of success — we achieve it together.

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