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"A little dubious and sceptical"

At the age of 28, I left the marital home one night with my 4-year-old daughter to escape an intolerable relationship. I had just £7.50 to my name. I was jobless and had made us unavoidably homeless. From rock bottom, I built my life back up to where I am today!

During several hard years to follow I rekindled my career as a Special Needs Language and Communications officer. A job that I found incredibly rewarding, especially finding alternative ways for the children to communicate other than using the spoken language. Life was good! As my confidence grew I trained as a Complimentary therapist using the skills learned to enhance my career working with children.

Debbie felt dubious and sceptical about VivaMK

I came across network marketing when a family member mentioned, in conversation, their new business enterprise. A little dubious and sceptical I took the plunge. Not for one second did I think this ‘extra income’ opportunity would go on to change my life forever!

I found myself surrounded by people who were really life-enhancing. Never had I come across such fun, positive, entrepreneurial people. Real go-getters. You couldn’t help but get caught up in it all. In short, I set a 5-year goal to pay off my huge mortgage, one I was struggling to pay as a single mum. My life goal was to never lose another home again. I was now on a mission. I found a mentor who believed in me even when, at times, I was struggling to believe in myself. He supported, guided and encouraged me and by the 5th year, all my hard work paid off. I was finally – mortgage free!

Life was better than good; my beautiful daughter left home and went to university to study Business & Entrepreneurship. She’s now a successful, strong, independent young woman- leading the life she desires.

People, it really is all about people. I’m so fortunate to love working with other people. Mentoring by helping, guiding, supporting and offering motivation so they can get out of life whatever they truly desire. I believe this means network marketing is a perfect fit for me. I truly love this industry. So, it will not come as a surprise that when my last NWM company was destroyed by its new owners. I joined forces with all the other disenfranchised distributors, including our MD. To start up in a new company called VivaMK.

I’m so thankful for my entrepreneurial mindset and sheer ‘no fear’ approach that has always been encouraged by my mentors. I set myself a new goal, to build the largest, fastest growing network marketing team in the UK & Ireland. Within 2 months of launch, we saw my team grow to over 2000 distributors and by month 4 well over 3000. Our first trading period of 6 weeks saw a team sales turnover of over £460,000. We know we are onto something good, this really is the people’s business.

My personal belief is; you get rewarded in direct proportion to the value that you bring to people’s lives. You will not necessarily see instant rewards, this is a long-term thing. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. I’ve now spent the last 14 years working online using ‘social communication’ to build my network and sell the product. I can mentor anyone who is willing to learn and do exactly the same, build the life of their dreams.

I am now living the life I chose all those years ago. Not only do I work with the most fabulous team of people in my network marketing business. I also now have the time freedom to play a major voluntary role in a charity which helps people who also have found themselves in crisis, for whatever reason.

Your future is too important to leave to chance. I’m now at the financially fabulous stage.

Debbie G.

Being sceptical is good

This can be a good thing, when you think "this is too good to be true". We all know that there are many bad and not real oppotrtunities are out there.

Do your homework and find out more about any opportunity you were looking into.

With VivaMK though, you get catalogues with your starter kit, new products are launched on a regular basis and you work with real people. Learn more about me, Ivonne Meisel and get in touch if you have any questions or there is something that is not really clear to you. All questions can be answered. Get in touch.

Don't listen to the myths, hear the facts.

VivaMK Facts

It is so easily done, when we hear from someone else "it does not work", "you will not make money" or "no one orders" , rather than speaking to people who are making money with an opportunity, we easily pre-judge. That's human nature. 

Hear the facts, and speak to people who are working the opportunity. What are they making different from other people? Do they offer special training? Do they receive support? Learn more and see what others say,