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Shake it up with our Shakes

Our meal replacements shakes are high in fiber and full of protein, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to the high protein they keep you longer full, so you don't want to snack in or less often betweenn meals. 

They also help with a healthy digestion, you feel less bloated and less constipated, if you suffer from that. Thanks to the high protein , that keeps you longer full, as mentioned earlier , it also easier to lose weight. If losing weight is one of your goals and you see your pounds dropping, you will feel more confident and more happy with yourself and your life. 

That is what our range stands for, to help you make you feel good and believe more in yourself.



  • Live Healthy
  • Boost your energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Control lean body mass
  • Boost your confidence
  • Feel good & love life
  • Control Blood sugar level
  • Healthy heart
  • Vegan products
  • Believe in you

VivaMK Meal Replacement Shakes

Our meal replacement shakes give you a balance with your diet, where you replace one meal during the day with one scoop of our powdered shakes and because of this you gain more benefits living a healthy lifestyle and live more healthy. 

The VivaMK Meal replacement shakes contain vitamins, protein, fibre and minerals and have low calories.

All these are important for living a healthy diet and helping you to lose weight for example too.

You may even find more awake because of boosting your energy. Your self-esteem, confidence and motivation will grow, become more creative. You will feel good, focus more on goals you want to achieve and believe more in yourself .

This is what VivaMK Health is all about.

Feel good, enjoy your life and build up your confidence.

Two ingredients from the shakes and their health benefits

    White Hemp Protein

    White Hemp Protein is made from hemp seeds and is known for that it can help to lower the blood pressure and high cholesterol. 

    It can also lower the risk cardiovascular disease, so it protects your heart and lowers the risk of diabetis.

    White hemp protein can also help to maintain the lean body mass (weight control) and brain function. It is a great source of fibre. 

    Pea Protein

    Pea protein is made from yellow peas. Yellow peas is rich in iron and magnesium.

    The pea protein are so great because they are easily digestible. It also controls , same as the White Hemp Protein the blood sugar, and it controls high cholesterol and maintain the lean body mass. It has healthy fats.

    It can help to maintain a healthy body weight and improved muscle growth. 

    Health benefits of white hemp protein in VivaMK shakes
    The healt benefits Pea Protein in VivaMK Shakes

    For all inrgredients and more benefits of using the VivaMK Shakes visit

    The VivaMK Health website updates on a regular basis as the VivaMK Health portfolio grows. You can even find recipe ideas on the website too. See below for more information. 

    VivaMK Shakes Recipe Ideas

    Are you keen on Smoothies and Shakes? Have a look at for some inspiring, delicious and healthy Smoothie ideas using our shakes. 

    Choose from a wide range of recipies, whether you are looking to enhance your shake for breakfast, or want to add some extra fruits or veg to your smooties, on that page you find delicious ideas using our VivaMK Shakes . You will see the ingredients, the amount of the ingreadients and photos of each smoothie. 

    Did you know.....

    that you can create various snacks? The shakes and pancakes can be used for other snacks / meals too, if you don't like shakes or pancakes that much. Get inspired and see the different ideas on the website.

    The VivaMK Heath Ambassador blog shows you how-to videos. Quick and simple to understand videos you can follow step-by-step. 

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