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We are the People's Business. Every person who joins us in our VivaMK Network comes and has got a different background.

Some of us work full time, whilst others are working part time in their day job, and others again are working our business around their family or children or even Uni / college. Everyone is different , but the good thing is, everyone in our network can achieve the same success as others are achieving. The choice is ours and we are the only ones who can make it the success we want.

Watch this short video below. It shows people from various backgrounds and everyone joined for a differnt readonI am part of the short video too.

What were their reasons to join VivaMK and what would they like to achieve from the business?

What are the benefits of joining VivaMK?

Watch what active Distributors have to say. If you are interested and maybe want to start your own success journey with VivaMK, get in touch in the form below. 

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VivaMK Success Stories

"VivaMK has given us a great part-time income around

our full-time jobs and lifestyle commitments. We have

built an amazing team and have enjoyed the flexibility

and friendships it has given us. A fantastic business

model with fantasitc products that evey household needs!"

Satwinder S. & Michelle R.

"VivaMK has provided us with the financial security that

we were looking for. We had both works in jobs for 18

years with nothing to show for it. But now we have the income and time freedom to enjoy life and be able to

help our 4 children."

Mike & Amandy B.

"Michele and I joined VivaMK from the first day the company started: we love how the product range keeps expanding, giving our customers loads of choice to shop with us. VivaMK gives us both   flexibity of working for ourselves and it fits in great around our

family and social life, days out and holidays. Over the summer months, Michele works 6 weeks for a company that processes

exam papers and I work for myself fence painting, wrought iron painting and UPVC cleaning, which all fits nicely around our

VivaMK business."

Michele & Brian H. 

My Story as a VivaMK Distribuor
Our Team at the VivaMK Gala Dinner
VivaMK Distributor Ivonne Meisel Success Story

"I joined VivaMK on 25th June 2018 as the First

Distributor of VivaMK. I work VivaMK around my Nanny

job and my work as German Tutor at a German Saturday School.

The business is very flexible and it can fit easily around our lives.

The product range increases month by month with offering products that our customers want and are affordable with great quality- and Eco-Friendly products without harming animals."

Ivonne Meisel


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