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Live Events play a huge part in our business

At at any live live event, also known as 'Showcases' you can meet other distributors of VivaMK and they give you the opportunity to speak to the staff of VivaMK HQ too. These events are also great to meet any VivaMK leaders and to speak to them directly. VivaMK organises Live Events (Showcases) , Leadership Days, Open Meetings and Gala Dinners on a regular basis.

The next VivaMK Showcase: September 2022

So what is happening at these Live events?

At the VivaMK Live Events, also called "Showcases" we, the distributors hear the latest business update, news, product launches from our very own Owner and VivaMK MD Michael Khatkar, success stories from active VivaMK Distributors, recognition, prize draws and much more. 

The atmosphere is always incredible, you can feel any kind of excitement in the room.

On some occasions we have an "After-Party" too, organised from VivaMK Network. These can include dinners, dance, Live music or a DJ and even have a Gala Dinner, to celebrate all our successes, business relationships and simply having fun together. VivaMK is a "FUN" business. You should enjoy what you are doing or you are working, that way the success will follow.

These VivaMK Network Live Events help you to get motivated, inspired and learning more about our VivaMK business, meet the Team you even get the chance to meet the owner / MD Michael Khatkar and staff from VivaMK HQ. 

You will start believing in yourself, that you can actually achieve more you may think of. 

Speaker at the New Years Showcase 2022 Ivonne Meisel
Ivonne Meisel VivaMK Showcase

Just announced: The next Live VivaMK Showcase will be happening in September 2022, which will be held in Hinckley.

VivaMK showcases inspire you
Beautiful minds inspire others at VivaMK events

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They say "A goal without a plan is just a wish". 

This is absolutley correct. Goals are often being made after a Live event.

Why goal setting and planning though?

The excitement is high and new goals are being set.

We distributors write a plan to achieve our goal and simply go for it.

Goal setting in our business is vital. By setting a goal you can achieve the impossible, because everything is possible. Any kind of Personal Development books, audios or videos can help you to plan and achieve your goals.

What does Personal Development mean? Click HERE and find out more. 

A goal without a plan is just a wish
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Summer Showcase 2020

I was given the opportunity to speak at the Summer Showcase 2020.

Watch the YouTube video and understand what can be achieved with VivaMK and why goal setting is so important.

My video was the show opener on that day and many people were inspired by it.

Ivonne Meisel Recognition at VivaMK Live Event
Recognition at a VivaMK Live Event Ivonne Meisel Michael Khatkar VivaMK MD

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Attend a VivaMK showcase and you will be unstoppable
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VivaMK Ivonne Meisel
Gala Dinner Party VivaMK Event
 VivaMK Team Front Row at a Live Event