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A brand-new range that is all about YOU! 

Introducing the "VivaMK Meal Replacement Shakes"

A new range has come our way, it's called VivaMK Health

Love Life - Lose Weight - Feel Good that is VivaMK Health

You can read more about these products on this page, the "Believe in you" catalogue is on the Catalogue Page.

The products can help you to improve your health, your lifestyle, you feel better, gain more confidence and energy, but also believing in yourself and building up your self-esteem.

They are even great to have more liquids, you drink more. When adding some extra fruit or vegetables you make that VivaMK Shake even healthier. They are great using it with other ingredients too.

You can buy the Meal Replacement Shakes on VivaMK Health Webshop.

VivaMK Health
VivaMK Health Berry Buzz Meal Replacement Shake Health

When you feel good, you will have more confidence and believe more in yourself, but there are far more benefits than these.


Follow your dreams with VivaMK
Enjoy life that is all that matters VivaMK Health
VivaMK Health Meal Shakes Vanilla Blueberry Chocolate


  • Live Healthy
  • Boost your energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Boost your confidence
  • Feel good & love life
  • Vegan products
  • Believe in you

VivaMK Meal Replacement Shakes

Our meal replacement shakes give you a balance with your diet, where you replace one meal during the day with one scoop of our powdered shakes and because of this you gain more benefits living a healthy lifestyle and live more healthy. 

The VivaMK Meal replacement shakes contain vitamins, protein, fibre and minerals and have low calories.

All these are important for living a healthy diet and helping you to lose weight for example too.

You may even find more awake because of boosting your energy. Your self-esteem, confidence and motivation will grow, become more creative. You will feel good, focus more on goals you want to achieve and believe more in yourself .

This is what VivaMK is all about. Feel good, enjoy your life and build up your confidence.

Whether you want to work in our opportunity,want to join our Team or simply just want to take the advantage of taking the products. The whole new VivaMK Health catalogue can be browsed HERE as soon as the catalogue is available. 

What are our newest products in the Heath range?

We will have two exciting new products coming our way.

Velvet Nights Chocolate Sleep Drink

Body Reboot Warming Spice Detox Drink

The Velvet Nights Chocolate Sleep Drink will help your body to calm down, you will relax more and fall more easily to sleep. When you love chocolate and having a chocolate drink before bedtime, then this will be the one you will love.

 VivaMK Velvet Nights Chocolate Drink
VivaMK Body Reboot Warming Spice Detox Drink

Body Reboot Warming Spice Detox Drink will help you to get rid off the bad and unhealthly stuff from your body.  This drink heals your body with the containing spice ingredients. 

These drinks are of course Vegan and Gluten Free, low calories and exclusive to VivaMK Network.

More products are planned and already in production.The next two products will be delicous for sure.

Have a closer look at the VivaMK Health Website to get more information, delicous recipes

Strong kid believes in himself
Believe in yourself with VivaMK

Outstanding products that will benefit YOU

With this new product range VivaMK offers an additional opportunity to build a business too.

You can use the products for yourself, work with our Health range, get involved with our VivaMK Beauty or even our VivaMK Planet range.

Try our Meal Replacement Shakes, our Breakfast Shake and our Protein Pancakes. 

Leave your details in the form to get more information about the VivaMK Health range. 


Where can you buy the VivaMK Meal Replacement Shakes?

The VivaMK Meal Replacement shakes can be purchased direct from the VivaMK webshop. The delivery takes only 2-3 business days.

You also find more information about these shakes and flavours, simply  click on  each individual product below.

Click on each individual product to visit the VivaMK products Health shop.

VivaMK Breakfast Meal  Shake "Berry Buzz"

VivaMK Meal Replacement Shake "Vanilla Velvet"

VivaMK Meal Replacement Shake "Blueberry Bliss"

VivaMK Meal Replacement Shake "Chocolate Cream"

What flavour will you go for? Share your results with us.

VivaMK Breakfast Shake Berry Buzz
VivaMk Meal Replacement Shakes Chocolate Blueberry Vanilla

VivaMK Shakes Recipe Ideas

Are you keen on Smoothies and Shakes? Have a look at for some inspiring, delicious and healthy Smoothie ideas using our shakes. 

Choose from a wide range of recipies, whether you are looking to enhance your shake for breakfast, or want to add some extra fruits or veg to your smooties, on that page you find delicious ideas using our VivaMK Shakes . You will see the ingredients, the amount of the ingreadients and photos of each smoothie. 

What is NEW in our VivaMK Health range?

Vegan Protein Pancake Mix 

Two new products will be launched very soon. Two differnt delicious Protein Pancake Mix  flavours. Banging Banoffee and Cheeky Chocolate.

I am sure you can guess what they will taste like: Banana and Toffee and Chocolate.


VivaMK Health Banging Banoffee Pancake
VivaMK Health Cheeky Chocolate Pancake

Do you have a sweet tongue?

Why not having one pancake for breakfast or lunch and start off to a great day.

Both of the pancake mix are vegan and gluten free. Very simple to make and ready wihin  a few minutes.

Each package contains 9 servings.

VivaMK Vegan Pancakes Chocolate Banoffee

The Protein Pancakes are now available to order. The customers are enjoying the pancakes already and as you can see they are easy and quick to make. 

These pancakes are brilliant to have them for breakfast, to replace your usual breakfast , or cook them and eat them during the day as a snack. But of course, pancakes are more delicious when they are still warm.

Add you favourite topping and start off to a great day.  


Our health range gives you the confidence you want, to feel better, live healthier and to believe more in yourself. 

"The greatest wealth is health" should be always your personal priority, because when you feel good, you attract more positive energy and self-belief.

Self care isn't selfish vivaMk health

Our own branded VivaMK Health range will expand in 2022 with even more products.

Come back to this site or visit for the latetst and most updatest news and information. 

Our VivaMK Health products are not necessarily about loosing weight, although you can loose weight, but to feel good, live healthier, give you the boost of energy you maybe want and enjoy living your life