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This  is a brand-new product range.

A range that is all about YOU!

Love Life - Lose Weight - Feel Good that is VivaMK Health

A new range is coming our way in 2021. VivaMK Health.

You can read more about these products on this page, the catalogue can be found HERE*.

*as soon as it becomes available 

The products can help you to improve your health, your lifestyle, you feel better, gain more confidence and energy, but also believing in yourself and building up your self-esteem.

Scroll the page down if you would to buy any of the Meal Replacement Shakes.

VivaMK Health

When you feel good, you will have more confidence and believe more in yourself, but there are far more benefits than these.


Follow your dreams with VivaMK
Enjoy life that is all that matters VivaMK Health

Outstanding products that will benefit YOU

With this new product range VivaMK offers an additional opportunity to build a business too.

You can use the products for yourself, work with our VivaMK Health range, get involved with our VivaMK Beauty or even our VivaMK Planet range. 


Three flavours, that you will love. 

Vanilla Velvet - Blueberry Bliss - Chocolate Cream

VivaMK Health Meal Shakes Vanilla Blueberry Chocolate

The benefits of using our products:  

  • Live healthy
  • Boost your energy
  • Lose weight
  • Boost your confidence
  • Feel good Love life
  • Believe in you

Of course meal replacement shakes should NOT replace your normal and complete daily diet. Replacement shakes shall give you a balance with your diet, and because of this you gain more benefits living a healthy lifestyle and live healthy.

Meal replacement shakes contain vitamins, protein, fibre and minerals and have low calories. All these are important for living a healthy diet and helping you to lose weight for example too.

You may even find more awake because of boosting your energy. Your self-esteem, confidence and motivation will grow, become more creative. You will feel good, focus more on goals you want to achieve and believe more in yourself .

This is what VivaMK is all about. Feel good, enjoy your life and build up your confidence.

Whether you want to work in our opportunity,want to join our Team or simply just want to take the advantage of taking the products. The whole new VivaMK Health catalogue can be browsed HERE as soon as the catalogue is available. 

Vegetables Healthy life with VivaMK
Health is wealth VivaMK Worksocialmedia
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Strong kid believes in himself
Believe in yourself with VivaMK

Where can you buy the Meal Replacement Shakes?

The shakes can be purchased from any VivaMK Network Distributor either from our catalogue or online. If you would like to get more informationa about these shakes and flavours simply  click on HERE . The VivaMK Meal Replacement Shakes can be directly ordered from the website and will be send to your delivery address.